BiP’s Ivan Hall Exits After Producers Discover “Giant Mistake”

As the drama aired, Ivan posted a GIF to his Instagram Story of himself shaking his head on the show, adding the message, “The way @bachelorinparadise is going tonight.” 

During the episode, Ivan also retweeted his own tweet from last week that stated, “Whoever gets my first post paradise podcast interview is going to get some gold.” In the retweet, he added the note, “Still can’t wait for this.” 

All of this came after viewers had just watched Aaron and Ivan exchanging threats earlier that day as they competed for Chelsea’s affections. Aaron was furious that Ivan and Chelsea sex after Ivan had told the men he wouldn’t try to steal anyone’s rose. However, Ivan insistently claimed that Chelsea requested him to talk.

Then, Chelsea got wind of the situation and confirmed it was in fact Ivan who had asked her to share one-on-one time, leading a number of cast members to refer to him as a liar. 

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