Billy Eichner and Jack Black team up for Billy on The Street

Billy Eichner and Jack Black have returned to the streets to promote his romantic comedy. “Bros,”Out in theatres September 30.

“Its gonna be a hot one!”Black replies to Eichner when he asks him if he’s willing to walk the streets of Hollywood telling people to see the film, which was produced by JuddApatow.

Black and Eichner start by asking passersby to name a movie Black has appeared in. They then offer tickets to the film for free. Two ladies cannot come up with any titles, much to Black’s agony, until one guesses “The Hangover,”But Eichner and Black simultaneously scream “No!”Run away.

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The next attempt to give away free movie tickets through recognition of Black’s acting career goes to a woman and her friend, who she nudges to name a title when she can’t think of any. “Kung Fu Panda!”He said that you could win a movie pass for free.

Another encounter involves the couple running into a musician whose favourite musical is “Cats,”Eichner’s words “‘Cats’ motherf–er! Deal with it!”Eichner then asks the red-haired boy if he is excited about seeing Eichner. “Bros”If he is an ally, the stranger will reply “No.”

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“Where’s my ally?”Eichner: Black comes to your rescue.

The second promotion “Billy on the Street” segment ends with Black running down the sidewalk, rainbow pride flag — trans and Black Lives Matter stripes included — draped over his shoulders like a cape.

“There he goes!”Eichner said as Black took off in a sprint. “There’s my Bro! There’s my ally!”

Watch the full video via Eichner’s Twitter below.

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