Billions of Wi-Fi users warned over four ‘red flags’ your router has been hacked – check list and act fast

YOUR Wi-Fi router may have been hacked if you notice one of four “warning signs”.

Cyber-experts have revealed the dangerous clues that someone has hacked into your router.

Watch out for sinister signs that your Wi-Fi router has been compromised


Watch out for sinister signs that your Wi-Fi router has been compromisedCredit: Unsplash

So many of our devices are connected to our Wi-Fi routers in the modern age.

And huge amounts of important info passes through our home Wi-Fi network.

Now cybersecurity experts at Aura have revealed the “red flags” you must watch out for.

Bear in mind that these warning signs aren’t total guarantees that you’ve been hacked.

But if you see one or more, it could be a good sign that something is amiss.

When you see these signs, it’s important to investigate to make sure you’re not a victim of cyber-crime.

According to Aura, the first sign to look out for is a slow internet speed.

If your internet is normally slow then it’s not an issue.

But if your internet suddenly becomes consistently slow, that could be a bad sign.

“If you notice your internet is much slower than usual this may indicate that there is an unauthorized intruder with access to your network,” Aura said.

“The more people using your network, the more internet bandwidth is consumed and less bandwidth is available to browse online, use applications and services, or watch videos.”

Next up, you’ll want to watch out for unfamiliar devices or IP addresses logging on to your network.

It’s very easy to check on this.

Simply enter your router’s default IP address – it should be on the back of the router.

“Attackers may try to connect to your network with unfamiliar devices,” Aura explained.

“If you think someone is snooping on your activity, you can log in to your router’s IP address in your web browser and look at the list of connected devices.‍‍”

Thirdly, you should be very worried if your Wi-Fi password has mysteriously changed.

This is a major “red flag” that someone is interfering with your network – especially if everyone else in your home is clueless about the change.

“Cyber attackers will change your login credentials shortly after breaking into your router to stop you from changing the settings and protecting yourself,” Aura warned.

“If you can’t log in with your own credentials, this indicates that your Wi-Fi router has likely been hacked. “

Finally, watch out for unusual software or apps appearing on your devices.

This could mean someone is using your compromised network to infiltrate your devices – a very dangerous situation.

“If you notice software or applications installed on your devices that you didn’t authorize, this can be another telltale sign that a cyber attacker has taken control of your Wi-Fi network,” Aura revealed.

Aura said that there are plenty of options available to you if you think you’ve been hacked.

They include:

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  • Factory resetting your router
  • Changing your Wi-Fi password
  • Disabling the Wi-Fi setting that lets someone control your computer remotely
  • Regularly checking your bank statement for fraud
  • Scanning your devices for malware using cybersecurity software

If you think you’ve been hacked, it’s important to act quickly to limit the damage that cyber-criminals can cause.

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