Billions of iPhone and Android users warned over ‘sneaky’ text attack stealing money in seconds – three red flags

A sneaky text scam has conned thousands of mobile phone users.

The “wrong-number” scam is a new fraud that has been perpetrated on phone users.

Text message users have been warned about a new 'wrong number' scam (stock photo)


The text message scam of ‘wrong numbers’ has been exposed (stock picture)

This scam is based on customers using their SMS apps to send the “wrong” number.

The scammers first send unrecognisable numbers to their targets and claim to have accidentally sent messages to them.

It is not clear what the original messages were. Fox News The numbers on the reports may ask about very simple things.

Site reports simple messages, such as: “Hey are we meeting for coffee after work?”

The scammer can also respond to the response with an apologetic message.

These texts are meant to be authentic.

Scammers have been reported to try and maintain romantic or friendship relationships.

Third, experts warned, the phishing scammer will ask for money transfers or crypto investments.

Text message users have many options to stay secure on their mobile phones.

How to keep your mobile phones scam-free

Users of the telephone should not send money to people they haven’t met in person.

Only after verifying the receiver should private information such as government identification numbers, credit card or bank account information be made available online.

Scammers often jump on phone calls.

Fraudster can be identified faster by calling a number that is not known and asking the person to talk.

Last, determine if they try to keep information away from their family.

Scammers usually want their interaction to be kept secret. They may ask that family members or close friends not know what they have done.

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