Bill Maher Claims We’re Losing To China While Guests Attack The Fringe

The final show of Bill Maher’s Real-TimeFriday night was the arrival of fall season on HBO “I will miss seeing half your faces and the roar of muffled laughter,”He joked about his mask-wearing audience. Maher will be back for his spring season in January 2022.

The political comedian performed a strong show before he left. Fareed Zakaria was the guest. The discussion was centered around his upcoming television special. China’s Iron Fist, which debuts November 21 on CNN and CNN International,

Maher asked the obvious question. “Who will dominate the 21st century?”China called Zakaria “The most serious competition the United States has ever faced. The Chinese are doing AI, biotech, hi-speed rail – the industries of the future.”

Zakaria recommended, “We have to hustle, work hard, and take this seriously.” To that end, he pointed out all the advantages the US has in its universities and research, not to mention that this nation has 59 treaty allies to China’s one, North Korea.

Maher was less enthusiastic. “I think we’re going to lose. They’re building all over the world. They can make things happen.”He added more of his fellow Americans later. “We’re lazy. We’re spoiled. We’re not in good health.”

Zakaria said there’s still reason to hope. “The best in America – they’re working hard. They’re hustling. You don’t need all of the society to do it. But you have to support the talented people.”He advised against cancelling those who speak out of their turn and anger the Twitter mobs.

Maher’s panel of New York Mayor-elect Eric Adams and former N.J. Next up was Governor Chris Christie. Christie is the author for the new book. Republican Rescue: Saving the Party From Truth Deniers, Conspiracy Theoriers and Dangerous Policies Of Joe Biden  

Maher began the discussion by reading quotes about today’s Kyle Rittenhouse trial verdict. Adams expressed disappointment with his quote. Christie, however, stated that the decision was right, drawing boos from the audience.

“I look at it as a prosecutor,”Christie claimed in his own defense. “The laws are what they are. In the end, the evidence they had did not prove beyond a reasonable doubt. If you object, then change the laws.”

Maher demanded information re: Rittenhouse. “What’s the message it sends?” He then opined that if the police aren’t doing their job, as many contended about the Kenosha police in the Jacob Blake shooting aftermath, some people believe “Then the citizens have full police power. That’s been the response.”

Christie agreed. “But you can’t use an individual case to send a broader societal message if the laws don’t cover that. You have to make it clear to people that they can’t take the law into their own hands.”

Adams spoke out against the notion of “The American Way” “the fringe elements”Both the left and right “We must take our country back,”He said. “We are allowing the fringe elements to really hijack what everyday Americans want.”He continued, “Being pragmatic is progressive.”

Maher attempted to get Adams to identify himself as a political centerist. The Mayor-elect refused. Later, he turned the heat on Christie and tried to get him to denounce a possible Donald Trump 2024 presidential campaign. Christie refused to say what his opinion would be in three years, but expertly deflected Maher’s attention by noting his one wish on the evening: “That I had worn Eric’s jacket,” a reference to Adams’s rather boldly checkered piece of attire.

Maher wrote an editorial closing out the fall season to offer his advice on Democrats’ election strategy in the wake Virginia’s humbling gubernatorial race.

“The way this party is running for office is making me gag,”Maher stated, “Additionally, “You’re alienating a lot of people. I’d say do the math, but math is still a form of white supremacy.”

Maher urged the progressives with a large voice to the party’s left to see that most voters support action on climate. “also need money to pump water out of the subway. Can we do that before building a worker’s paradise?”

Why is the party considered outof touch? “In plain English, nobody likes a snob,”Maher stated, adding that he would add more later. “Politics is not artisan. It’s “Art” “Stan.” Your micro-agression culture doesn’t play in the Rust Belt. He then spoke of the “plainly excessive things of the left. You can’t cancel Lincoln.”

He stressed the gradual shift in the acceptance of the word “woke,”Some radicals use it as a beating ram to make those who use it feel out-of-touch. Maher stated that this tactic does not help build bridges. “It makes you think of people who wake up offended and take their orders from Twitter.”

He challenged Democrats to make their case on Fox News and other conservative outlets. “Go where the amen corner isn’t. Winning is about expanding the electorate.”

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