Bigil First Week Collections | Whistle Movie 1st Week Box Office Collection | Vijay, Atlee

Thalapathy Vijay’s new movie, Bigil, is fine at the box office of Tamil Nadu, as well as in the states of Telugu. The film released in Telugu with the title Whistle. The filmmakers are extremely happy with the growth of the film’s collections.

The movie entered the second week and all buyers will touch the balance mark this weekend. The film is currently the thickest for Vijay in Telugu.

The following is the detailed report of the film’s collections in the states of Telugu in the first week.

Nizam: 2.70 Cr
Ceded: 2.46 Cr
Uttarandhra: 0.96 Cr
Guntur: 0.90 Cr
East Godavari: 0.56 Cr
Krishna: 0.56 Cr
West Godavari: 0.44 Cr
Nellore: 0.39 Cr

Total shares in Telugu states: 8.97 Cr

Bigil First Week Collections | Whistle Movie 1st Week Box Office Collection | Vijay, Atlee

Directed by Atlee Kumar, Mahesh S Koneru of East Coast Productions released the film in both Telugu states. The film premiered big and is currently performing well at the box office.

Atlee struggles a little in Whistle to balance the massive elements with the whole drama, but the film manages to be safer as it progresses, proving to be an attractive artist. There are scenes, like the one set in the police station, that is surely there to play in the gallery.

Nayanthara, who interprets Michael’s love interest, does a good job and his scenes are fun. The references to other successes of Vijay are well done and the actor is deliciously good in these portions, using his comic moment and his style with great effect.

It is only his performance as the greatest gift, complete with a hoarse voice and stuttering that feels a little forced. But it makes up for it with a moving scene set in a railway station.



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