Bigg Boss 3 Telugu vote: Who will win Ticket To Finale?


It is 21st October 2019 and Bigg Boss Telugu 3 is moving closer to the finale. And,  it is Monday now, so the time for eviction through the nominations has come. The remaining house members will get the ticket to the finale.

Recently, Vitikha got eliminated from Bigg Boss 3 Telugu and she was a very competitive player. After her elimination, the competition for the ticket to the finale between the remaining contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu 3 has increased even more. The contestant who will lose the ticket to the finale will get nominated for the elimination of Bigg Boss Telugu 3

And the contest which was recently organized in the Bigg Boss Telugu 3 created a lot of hype in house. This was because of Varun and Rahul broke a fight between themselves in the house because of the contest. The contest would lead the ticket to the finale, this is why we could see both of them hitting each other to get the ticket to the finale.

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