‘Big Brother’ Players Explain How ‘the Cookout’ Dominated the Show

Claire Rehfuss said she supported “The Cookout” even though her closest ally in the game sent her packing

Claire Rehfuss

“Big Brother 23” houseguest Claire Rehfuss.

Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images

“I think that this was just a season of fantastic gameplay. And even though I didn’t win, I think that it was an honor to be on this season,” Rehfuss, a 25-year-old who lives in New York, told Insider.

Rehfuss was closely aligned in the game with Mitchell, “The Cookout” member who nominated her for eviction during week 9 of “BB23.” In an emotional moment captured on the “Big Brother” live feeds, which allow near 24/7 access to the house to paying subscribers, Rehfuss told Mitchell she understood why she was being nominated.

“She kept explaining to me what the reasoning was,” she said. “And as you know, I was shocked, but my emotions really turned to respect and admiration for Tiffany. And I knew that what Tiffany was doing was so, so hard.”

She added: “But Tiffany came in here with a mission with a purpose and she stuck to it.”

Rehfuss dismissed those fans of the show who would criticize the alliance’s strategy. 

“Listen to the Black players,” she said. “Listen to their stories. Listen to what their reasoning was. They will be able to speak upon it. I would also say to realize that this wasn’t about targeting, you know, the white players, this is about building up the other Black players.”

“This was about unity and coming together and looking out for each other in a game where that doesn’t happen that often,” she added.

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