Beyoncé has Survived the Winds of Infidelity, and is now a Proud Mom of Three.

Legendary singer Beyoncé has had a career a few can only dream of, and while her life on the stage has been remarkable, she has nursed some private scars that she had to heal from; here are some of them.

Millions of fans around the world proudly call themselves “the Beys,” and all belong to the Hive. Like bees, these fans are irresistibly drawn to the “Halo” singer who has both fortune and fame on her side.

Since the ’90s, Queen Bey’s talent has remained indisputable, and the combination of her vocal prowess and her god-like beauty has made her attain an almost immortal status in the eyes of her faithful fans.

Picture of music stars Beyonce and Jay-Z |

Jay-Z and Beyonce are pictured. Beyonce turned 40 recently. To some, it seemed like she had been on TV for a long time. But, Beyonce has entered a new chapter in her life and maybe ready to go all the way with her career.|

Recently, Beyoncé marked her 40th birthday, and to some fans, she has been on their screens for what seemed like forever, but Beyonce is only stepping into a new phase of her life and possibly ready to take it up a notch higher in terms of her career.

Everything has looked perfect for Beyoncé: She is widely considered a celebrity among celebrities, has enjoyed a marriage that survived the winds of infidelity, and is now a proud mom of three.

Beyoncé at the TIDAL X: 1020 on October 20, 2015 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City |

Beyoncé at the TIDAL X: 1020 on October 20, 2015, in the Brooklyn borough of New York City |

It is rare to see many details of Queen Bey’s personal life on social media or in blogs as she is known for her premium privacy measures and only shares what she is comfortable with.

When she decided to share a bit of her seemingly perfect life, fans got to realize that, like the rest of us, Beyoncé bleeds, cries, and heals. The singer shared a painful experience that helped her become a better mom.


It is not often one finds couples go from being young lovers to the power couple status, but Beyoncé and her long-term husband, music mogul Jay-Z, have done that, and after more than 20 years together, no love seems to have been lost between them.

The couple is proud parents of their three children, and they are still a beloved couple in the music business. Celebrities and fans alike want to know what the secret is that keeps things fresh for these long-time lovers.

The “Destiny’s Child” singer was roughly 18 years old when she met her future husband, and a year later, they started dating. The couple decided to take things a step at a time and had no rush walking down the aisle.

The “Lion King” star once explained that neither she nor her 51-year-old superstar husband was in a rush to get married, and she made sure to take her time to get her thoughts right.

Before walking down the aisle in what seemed like the event of the century, Beyoncé and Jay-Z started off with musical collaborations, and then it became clear that their chemistry was simply a match made in heaven.

Their first musical collaboration on Jay-Z’s 2002 “’03 Bonnie and Clyde” was a huge success, and the lovebirds quickly followed it up with “Crazy in Love” the following year.

In 2008, Beyoncé and Jay-Z exchanged vows in a secret ceremony, but the rumors of the wedding easily stole the front page of newspapers and blogs as fans were thrilled to see the two superstars forge a family.

In 2011, the “Dreamgirls” actress and “Run This Town” singer announced that they were expecting their first child together, and in 2012, their daughter Blue Ivy made them a family of three.

Since then, the singer had welcomed her twins Sir and Rumi in June 2017, but there have been some bruises along the way.


In an interview with Elle, the “Lemonade” singer was asked if she felt disappointed not winning an award after what looked like a beautiful year, and rather sweetly, Queen Bey explained that going through pain has taught her to see success differently.

The mother of three remarked that pain is a gift and explained that having a miscarriage proved to be a life-changing experience for her. She said,

”I learned that all pain and loss is in fact a gift. Having miscarriages taught me that I had to mother myself before I could be a mother to someone else.”

The experience left the Grammy-winner on a quest for her true purpose, and she focused on herself rather than trying to become number one. Her main focus remains to build a legacy that outlasts her.

The miscarriage took place before Beyoncé was pregnant with her daughter Blue Ivy and prior to her interview; Jay-Z had already given a hint about the miscarriage in his song “Glory.”

The song was a tribute to their newborn daughter, and in the song, the 51-year-old producer made some revelations about their journey to parenting. Blue was conceived in Paris. He also said that they had lost a child prior to having their daughter.

Jay-Z praised their baby and noted in his lyrics that they thought she would die after the last miscarriage. But she was strong enough for them to keep her. Blue Ivy’s crying was part of the song’s melody.


Having had her life on track, Beyoncé remains as attractive as she was more than 25 years ago. According to reports, the singer still took care of herself and watched her diet.

Beyoncé listens to her body and knows when to stop and take a break from being a mom and other things that command her attention. Beyonce said that finding a balance between work life and family was her greatest challenge.

Motherhood has taught Beyoncé to be positive about her body and not rate herself by just how she looks. According to the singer, she knows she is enough no matter what situation she may find herself in her life.

Beyoncé has also developed a thick skin to trolls and bad comments on social media. Although in moments of vulnerability, she does feel the hurt, yet she quickly gets back on her feet and remains positive.

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