Best And Trendy Short Hair Styles You Should Try!

Short hair has many benefits. It feels great! amazing you can do it! It’s also typically more manageable and quicker to style.

I remember chopping my long hair off into a pixie cut (à la Felicity) soon after a breakup, and I adored was amazing. It was like a fresh breath of air. It was also like feeling a new (ish) person.

Of course, breakups aren’t the only reason to cut your hair. It’s your hair, so you should wear it however you want! You have many options for hairstyles.

Natural texture is a hot trend for the coming season.

Audrey Coltharp/Bradley-owner with Crescent Salon Nashville, TN reports that fall trends will be natural but still have some fun elements.

“Right now I’m encouraging my clients to embrace their natural texture, and to work with it, not against it. I like to give cuts that accentuate their natural texture and then teach them fast, easy ways to style their hair,” Coltharp Bradley.

She indicated that air drying, diffusing, and hand styling are her preferred methods of styling hair. She said, “While things in the cut/shape department are very natural and organic, I like to add a bit of fun in with pops of color around the face with color blocking, or even an all-over fantasy color. If someone prefers or requires a more natural color, a rich orangey copper tone is my go-to.”

These are our top natural cuts. Below is a list of them.

Blunt Textured Bob

This style is a favorite because it’s versatile and flattering.

Blunt bobs have the same length throughout, so if your hair is straight, it may look flat. Curly and wavy hair will have more movement. Straight hair can still be styled to create a more natural look.

Kourtney Kardashian’s textured bob almost broke the internet when she debuted the new ‘do in mid-August. Kourtney’Your hair looks natural and sweet with some movement and volume.

Blunt hair can bring back your ‘90s nostalgic feeling as well. Part your hair down the middle, and tuck your hair behind your ears and you’ll look as though you stepped out of 1995, which is perfect because we’re here for the ‘90s style revival.

Bob (With Bangs).

Bangs are classic. Pairing your bob with curtain bangs, straight across bangs, or (if you’re brave), baby bangs can make your style even more elevated. Plus, during fall, you don’t have to worry about your bangs sticking to your forehead (as much)!

Modern Shag

A shag haircut will be more layered and have more movement than a normal bob. This style is very flattering for many faces and has a retro feel that we love. This cut is loved by celebrities and can be paired with curtain bangs or face-framing items.

Super Short Pixie

I think that *everyone* should cut their hair short once in their lives. My opinion doesn’t mean too much. It is a wonderful feeling to feel the lightness of a short pixie cut. Not only are pixie’s super low-maintenance, but they are also flattering for most hair types. Even fine hair can look great in a pixie.

Natural curls look beautiful in a pixie cut because the curls aren’t weighed down with tons of hair.

Zoë Kravitz tried it out with a sleek look, which is giving us major Catwoman vibes.

Curls. Curls. 

Natural hair can be difficult to accept. It can be difficult to find products that work for your hair. It’s important to find a hairdresser that is skilled in cutting curly hair.

We are continuing to keep the low-maintenance styles that we developed during quarantine. Your curls will look beautiful if you find the right products and hairstylists.

Color Fun

This season, platinum blonde, color blocking, and pastel rainbows are all in fashion.

Billie Eilish, who stunned many with her platinum blonde shag, debuted it earlier in the year.

It’s fun to color-block with vibrant colors and platinum blonde hair.

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