Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez Order Alex Rodriguez To Stop Stalking And Leave Then Alone!

Are You Jennifer Lopez andBen AffleckTired of Alex Rodriguez interfering with their relationship? Multiple tabloids have reported that Rodriguez is obsessed with his ex-fiancee’s new romance. Gossip Cop has researched the rumors and can correct them.

Alex Rodriguez Obsessed with Bennifer

Returned in July Star reported Alex Rodriguez had become haunted by Jennifer Lopez’s rekindled romance with Ben Affleck. The magazine detailed how Rodriguez was spotted chatting up Affleck’s ex-girlfriend Lindsay Shookus at a party. According to the outlet, Rodriguez was trying to send Affleck a message. According to the tabloid’s insider, Rodriguez was “obsessed with Jen and Ben’s relationship,” And he was “having a hard time letting go.”

Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez Order Alex Rodriguez To Stop Stalking And Leave Then Alone!

Rodriguez’s representative confirmed that Shookus was the one who spoke for him. “are longtime pals.” It’s clear there wasn’t anything romantic about the encounter, and no other reports about Rodriguez and Shookus have followed. While it’s a strange coincidence, it goes to show that Hollywood is a small world.

Ben Affleck ‘Boiling Mad’Alex Rodriguez

Then, National Enquirer Rodriguez was getting sick, reported Affleck “stalking”He and Lopez. According to the report, Rodriguez started appearing wherever Lopez and Affleck were. Rodriguez appeared in Hamptons only minutes from Affleck and Lopez’s place. The magazine then pointed out that Rodriguez was on vacation in France, where Lopez and Affleck were cruising along on a yacht.

The simple explanation was obvious. Lopez and Rodriguez had planned their vacation to the French Riviera together, but they later split. They decided to cancel the trip and instead of going on separate vacations at the same time. They also took part in a number of other activities. Gossip Cop Affleck doubted Rodriguez was there while Lopez was doing the PDA.

Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez Fighting Over Money?

Then, Globe Lopez and Rodriguez claimed they were at odds over Rodriguez’s “mixed-up millions” for businesses. According to the report, Rodriguez was using his and Lopez’s shared assets as a way to be close to her again. They had previously agreed to As civilly as possible, try to work things out, but they apparently disagreed on how they’d be communicating. Sources said Lopez “would prefer a Zoom conference, but Alex is pushing to meet in person. Besides the money stuff, he still has a lot to say to Jennifer one-on-one.”

But the magazine wasn’t able to provide a shred of proof for its claims. According to all reports, Rodriguez was assisting Lopez in settling the matter as quickly as possible. Besides, Rodriguez has made it clear that he’s looking towards the future and is focusing on family. There’s no reason he’d want to jeopardize his and Lopez’s finances by holding up the process.

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