Below Deck’s Producer Calls Crew Problems a ‘Shame’!

Below Deck's Producer Calls Crew Problems a 'Shame'!

Season 9 of Below Deck is right around the corner and the show’s creator opened up about some problems with the crew aboard the yacht.

Fans were excited to see the return of the yachting reality TV show with all its drama. It has been a big hit since the debut of Below Deck in 2013 on the small screen.

Below Deck – Captain Who?

The success of the show aside, the show’s creator and producer, Mark Cronin revealed numerous problems with the crew that he has had to deal with.

The show’s boss revealed that the original Aleks Taldykin was to have been skipper, not Captain Lee Rosbach. says he claimed? “Aleks had the right license for that size boat, and we thought that was enough.”Addition: He was thinking. ‘Oh he’s got a license, that’s good, he can be the captain.’

He told Metro that they’d get the old guy off and put the new guy on and they’d “be in business.”

It seems that didn’t go as planned after Cronin had a discussion with Captain Rosbach as he suggested that he work behind the scenes while Aleks worked in front of the camera.

Cronin was answered by the Below Deck creator, who said that the situation he proposed would be confusing for the rest of his crew.

Below Deck – Keeping Drama Secret Is Not How Reality TV Works

Rosbach was hired by the team and quickly became a favorite of fans.

Another problem Mark had to deal with was the secrecy among the crew – an element that just doesn’t work well with reality TV.

The tension between crew members can lead to conflicts and tempers.

Below Deck – Flashback

In Season 1, it was revealed the cast tried to keep their identities private. Fighting is kept secret, away from the camera wanting to appear as though they all got along flawlessly.

This type of deception isn’t conducive to good reality TV. He said that the crew would fight over text messages, which was problematic for the show. It was a “shame” because it leaves less drama for the show.

He made sure to inform Metro that, with the new seasons of the show, it hasn’t been a problem because now, the new crew members are aware that the drama among the crew is necessary for the reality show to entertain.

Below Deck’s final episode aired November 2020. Fans can still stream old episodes online or can’t new episodes of Bravo: Below Deck Mediterranean Fridays, 8 PM Central

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