Below Deck Med Star Malia White spoke out about her stay in hospital after a Scooter accident.

Below Deck Med Star Malia White spoke out about her stay in hospital after a Scooter accident.

Malia White, an American woman riding a Vespa in Mallorca, Spain, earlier this summer, was about to take a nasty tumble. The hospital photos of Malia White after the accident demonstrate how horrible it was. Below Deck: MediterraneanShe looked like a mummy from head-to-toe, which made her a star. She actually said she had broken her toes and a fractured elbow at the time. This gave her a new appreciation of helmet protection. Months later the notorious Bravo bosun retorted on the accident and revealed how difficult it was for someone who had grown up in the U.S. healthcare system.

While on the Hollywood Raw podcastThe Below Deck: MediterraneanThe alum claimed that Malia White was riding her Vespa scooters at 70 mph when a colleague accidentally slashed Malia’s front tire. Although she was sent flying, she had enough adrenaline to quickly jump away from traffic. Although you might think that the hospital waiting room was the worst, it became really difficult once she was being examined by hospital staff. The podcast hosts heard her tell them:

That was honestly the worst part. Like I speak broken Spanish. She was speaking broken English. She basically brought the tub in. She was like ‘I’m so sorry, this is going to hurt.’ And I was like, ‘What? What’s going on?’ And she just takes this sponge and like this brush, and she just starts scrubbing all of my [wounds]…I had wounds that were massive and it was pure iodine [in the tub]And I started screaming. She gave me a small plastic stick to bite on and I was like ‘No, please, stop.’

Ouch! Talk about painting a visceral image. (Though, I’m not sure that a paintbrush was being used. Malia White said that she was left with severe road rash and a concussion. She also suffered other serious injuries. Scarily, she claimed her head’s collision with the asphalt cracked her scooter helmet right down the middle, which helps explain the concussion, and why she’d previously said it could’ve been a much worse incident. 

The Below Deck Med star’s entire ghastly experience of getting her wounds cleaned was also suffered without anything to numb the pain. White stated that,

They didn’t give me any pain medication, and I was like, ‘Why? Please give me pain medication.’ She’s like, ‘We can’t yet.’ Because they had to do scans and everything you know, which I understand.

It happened coincidentally on the premiere night Below Deck: Mediterranean’s sixth season. And to be honest, one might think the season was almost just as painful for the cast as Malia White’s hospital stay was for her. Bravo fans and crew were both affected by the controversial behavior of Lexi Wilson, the stewardess. But while we won’t likely see Wilson on the show ever again, White revealed that she wasn’t giving up her scooter days just yet. (Maybe that concussion needs to be checked out again…)

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