Belle’s Shocking ultimatum Could Backfire on Days Of Our Lives Spoilers

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Belle's Shocking Ultimatum May BackfireDays of Our Lives Spoilers reveal that Belle Black has been doing everything in her power to help ease Shawn Brady’s guilt (Brandon Beemer). Shawn Brady, as viewers are aware, has always believed his father Bo Brady, played by Peter Reckell, died of a brain tumour. Shaen was saddened by the death of his father. He finally accepted it.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers – Bo Brady was resurrected by Megan DiMera

Salem’s mad scientist, Dr. Wilhelm Rolf is known for bringing back recently deceased people. But Bo couldn’t be brought back until Megan DiMera (Miranda Wilson) could find a cure for his cancer.

In the meantime, Bo’s body was cryogenically frozen. Megan fell in love with Bo many years ago. They were childhood sweethearts. Megan and Bo broke up, but Megan realized later that she made a big mistake.

DOOL Spoilers – Megan DiMera let the world believe she died!

Bo fell in love when Megan returns to Salem with Hope Brady, played by Kristin Alfonso. Megam did everything in her power to separate Bo from Hope.

Salem’s shock was evident when the plan failed Megan’s murder was similar to Bo’s. The dead were resurrected. Megan, however, continued to make the public believe that she was deceased for many decades. In early 2018, she revealed her existence to the DiMeras.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers – Megan DiMera brainwashed Bo Brady!

Despite Megan’s successful restoration of Bo to health he still loved Hope. Megan once more asked Rolf for help in brainwashing Bo.

Bo’s hatred for Hope was programmed into his brain. But even then, he wasn’t in love with Megan so he took off. Hope eventually tracked him down and because of Megan’s orders, he planned to kill Hope. Shawn was elated to learn that Bo had survived and he immediately set out in search of Hope.

DOOL Spoilers – Hope Brady broke Bo Brady’s programming@!

Although she was terrified, Hope was able to break through Megan’s orders just in time. Bo was pointing a pistol at his ex and Shawn happened to arrive just when he did. Shawn didn’t know that Bo had become himself again, so he killed his father.

Bo is still in a deep coma, and no one knows if or when he’ll ever awaken. Shawn began spiraling once he realized the truth. He was angry with everyone and screamed at them. He was comforted by someone.

Days of Our Lives spoilers – Shawn Brady believes he deserves to suffer!

Shawn, on the other hand, began to drink all the time. This included when he worked for the Salem Police Department. Rafe Hernandez, played by Galen Gering, saw Shawn drinking at work and suspended him.

Shawn agreed to finally talk with Marlena Evan (Deidre hall), but Belle had had enough. Belle wants to make it clear that she will not allow Shawn to drink until he’s worked through the pain. Shawn may push back at first, but Belle won’t back down even if it means she has to walk away.

What is your opinion?

Are Bo’s injuries Shawn’s fault? Will he keep his word and stop drinking? Can Belle and Shawn work through Shawn’s guilt?

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