Belgian Nuns Create ‘Healthy’ Beer in Order to Make Money, and Save Their Convent

Many people enjoy a good hoppy brew every now and again, but what if it was brewed by nuns instead?

Sister Gertrude says that Benedictine nuns from Maredret Abbey (Belgium) fell on hard times several years ago.

“We were a small group of nuns without enough income to allow us to maintain the building,”She spoke. “It was, therefore, necessary to find an effective solution to generate income. Beer allowed us to meet this need.”

A group of 20 nuns noticed cracks in the walls and leaky roofs in their convent. They teamed up to brew a beer and have been a blessing financially.

Sister Gertrude says that their beer is made from a cereal grain that is both highly regarded as well as good for customers.

“We wanted a beer made from spelt, for which we have great esteem because of its virtues, as well as medicinal plants since our aim was to make a beer that could improve the health of people,”Sister Gertrude noted.

“Our project was about respect for human nature, which consists of not eating and drinking just anything. A herbal beer met our goals of helping people with their health very well.”

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