Behind Her Eyes Season 2 Release Date, Renewal, Plot and Cast

What would be more concerning when in a marriage? The fact that the affair between you and your secretary might come to light or that a man’s soul is inhabiting the woman you exchanged vows with. Mind-bending as it may seem, the series begins with a plain-vanilla storyline of a psychiatrist having an affair with his secretary. As usual, it may seem, astral projections and the occult begin to occupy the show in ways that have no deficit of engaging the fans close to the plot.

Season 1 ends with a bunch of spectacular twists and turns in ways that a unique comprehension is required to keep up with the show’s pace. It ends with an astral Rob inhabiting Louise’s body that no one seems to notice until Adam, the psychiatrist’s son, notices something amiss with the being. He now proceeds to call mom after being given a death glare at the final cut.

Behind her eyes 2

Behind Her Eyes season 2: What to anticipate.

The six-episode psychological thriller has not received any good news in the form of renewals from Netflix, but few notable aspects could go in favor of the show. The fan-favorite could yet be on the ropes as Netflix has a habit of renewing its shows that are popular and in good credit. Also, being a series based on a book, a slight deviation viewers witnessed in the thriller that drifted away from the book could very well be a positive sign that a foundation was laid for the future.

Behind Her Eyes season 2 cast.

There has been no conclusive news regarding the show’s future and as to the cast, but the recent turn of events may suggest that the character Adele might not be returning, as her physical body was taken out of the equation.

However the show was planned, it has worked in its favor as fans are eager to anticipate how the characters progress from there onwards.

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