Beat the Chasers fans mortified as baffled Bradley Walsh has cringe-worthy exchange with contestant

BEAT The Chasers fans suffered second-hand embarrassment this evening after host Bradley Walsh had a cringe-worthy exchange with a contestant.

The presenter was left baffled by the assumption that Sam, a Preston psychology academic, knew their contestants far more than they actually did.

Bradley had a cringe-worthy exchange with a Beat The Chasers contestant


Bradley had a cringe-worthy exchange with a Beat The Chasers contestant
Sam looked incredibly uncomfortable


Sam looked incredibly uncomfortable

The hopeful took on Anne Hegerty, Paul Sinha, and Darragh Ennis as she battled to take home £10,000 but struggled with one of the questions during her cash-builder.

Bradley asked: “Which of these follows Bristol to make the name of a major UK railway station?”

Unsure, Sam ended up guessing option A before telling Bradders: “Railways really aren’t my thing, as you’ve probably guessed.”

The TV favourite was bewildered, crossing his arms and awkwardly replying: “Why would I guess railways are not your thing??”

He went on: “I mean, forensically you like you travel on a train, but I’ve got to be honest with you, how I would know that railways aren’t your thing?”

Sam looked uncomfortable as the moment lingered until Bradley broke the ice with a Doctor Who joke, quipping: “Space travel’s not mine but I’ve been in a Tardis!”

Viewers at home were left cringing by the exchange, with one simply tweeting: “Well that was awkward…”

Unfortunately for Sam, she got the railway question wrong – and ended up leaving the show empty-handed when the three Chasers managed to beat her.

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