Battling With Cancer Man Shares Final Message With The World

Mark Anthony Quinn shared a photo of himself lying on the bed at Ty Olwen Hospice on Twitter expressing his frame of mind before the death. This deathbed message became viral as individuals shared this post, liking his encouragement and hope towards life. Very quickly, this post managed to get more than lakhs of likes and thousands of re-tweet. This Liverpool fan wants to quit the world understanding that everyone is human and cannot remain here forever. Despite the deadly disease, he always showed a positive attitude towards life.

Battling With Cancer Man Shares Final Message With The World

Quinn worked in the Army from 1999 to 2004, and after getting retired from the force, he served in several other professions as well. Ultimately, he was attacked by Cancer and became unfit for the job for the last couple of years. After first being diagnosed with cancer in 2012, he remitted to home taking some rounds of chemotherapy.

He and his wife gave birth to a second child just a year ago of Quinn’s cancer. Their third child meets death just after the birth.

Most of the people commented, expressing their sympathy towards Quinn and requesting him to leave this world happy with a proud smile. Many users prayed for Quinn and his family seeking blessings from god. Some users commented, expressing their desire to see Quinn again in the mainstream of life and spending time with his family. Another commented on seeing Quinn as a fighter and wanted him to win against cancer.

When doctors declared that his life expectancy is reduced drastically, this football fanatic arranged a charity match to raise funds for the Cancer centre.

Quinn posted another tweet expressing his grief that he couldn’t read all the kind comments due to deteriorating eyesight. He thanked everyone for supporting him and his family through a crowdfunding campaign. 

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