Battlestar Galactica’s Katee Sackhoff reacted to a real-life astronaut dressing up as Starbuck on the ISS

Battlestar Galactica's Katee Sackhoff reacted to a real-life astronaut dressing up as Starbuck on the ISS

Although most sci-fi characters are not super-accurate, they could be translated to real life. Battlestar Galactica’s fan-beloved Captain Starbuck, the character played by Katee Sackhoff actually DID make it to space in our reality. Well, at least it was sort of. Sackhoff was delighted to see the result not long after. Another of her characters was mentioned on JeopardyShe was able to see a real astronaut dress up as her iconic astronaut outfit Battlestar GalacticaCharacter while aboard the International Space Station

Katee Sackhoff has since left Captain Starbuck’s role behind over ten years. I moved on to other science-fiction endeavorsAlthough she passed away, her iconic images will be loved by fans forever. Battlestar Galactica character. These admirers include astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti and space-farer Samantha Cristoforetti. In a recent transmission to planet Earth, the space station visitor donned Starbuck’s costume. Sackhoff was obviously thrilled enough to participate in the celebration. Drop a “frak”The tribute to sci-fi badass was shared on Twitter. I retweeted the Starbuck video by Samatha Cristoforetti and expressed my appreciation for the awesomeness of it.

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This is not the first time Samantha Cristoforetti, an astronaut, has dressed up as a fictional space explorer while thousands of miles above Earth. She sent out a transmission in disguise a few years back. Star Trek’s Captain Kirk — William Shatner actually did go to Space as well, though not in costume — and I cannot get over her dedication to sending thrills to fellow sci-fi lovers from such a specifically suitable setting.

This is a different type of fan dedication to the norm. Just think about it: Samantha Cristoforetti obviously can’t just drop by a costume shop or order these costumes from Amazon. Jeff Bezos might be able to ship the items to the ISS. It is important that she plans ahead in order to have these types of clothes with her while she prepares to fly to space. Aside from the fact that astronauts are limited in their luggage and supplies, the costumes take up space that could be used for other items that won’t catch Katee’s eye.

Of course, I’d like to imagine that they aren’t just a one-off, and that the entirety of Samantha Cristoforetti’s wardrobe is made up of sci-fi costumes that she casually dons while relaxing and working in the International Space Station. Even if she doesn’t, it really seems like she is living her best geeky life hundreds of miles above our heads.

Now that Katee Sackhoff’s Captain Starbuck has actually gone to space, or at least as close as anyone could hope for, there are plenty of other of her sci-fi characters for Samantha Cristoforetti to choose from next time, Or maybe she already has a second Sackhoff costume in the space station. I’ve got to say, my vote is for Star Wars franchise’s Bo-Katan, which In Season 3, Sackhoff will continue his explorations Mandalorian.

Although it may be less exciting than real-life space living but everyone can enjoy it. a Disney+ subscriptionKatee Sackhoff will be there, along with the rest of MandalorianCast when Season 3 starts in February next year. While we wait for more updates from Peacock, BSG quasi-reboot.

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