Barbie’s Malibu DreamHouse is a blend of fiction and reality

Barbie's Malibu DreamHouse is a blend of fiction and reality

Prepare to be let down if you imagined a Barbie party in the Florida sun after viewing Ken’s Malibu DreamHouse. On the website, visitors are given a laundry list of restrictions, starting with an absolute limit of two guests. The rules also state that there is a strict “no-parties” policy. On site security will patrol the property and guests are under camera surveillance 24 hours a day. Guests can still access the common spaces, but all bedrooms except one are not accessible. Couples who treat DreamHouse as a museum rather than vacation rental, will have some of the best Instagram photos ever.

Even with these restrictions, the DreamHouse has a lot of things to offer. The DreamHouse will offer guests access to Ken’s clothing, a disco dancefloor outside, Ken’s guitar, a huge infinity pool and catered food. Also, guests will be able to keep a pair Impala roller skates that Ryan Gosling wore as Ken on the forthcoming “Barbie,” and a surfboard themed after Ken. Stays are also free. Although it is unclear how lucky guests will selected, the fine-print states that DreamHouse stays are not contests. This may be the last chance you’ll have to experience pink colors, given that “Barbie”, a movie based on a book by Barbara Walters, caused a worldwide shortage of paint.

It is interesting to note that this home belongs privately, as the Airbnb listing indicates the owner has paid Mattel for rights to Barbie and Ken.

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