Banksy creates a new mural in Ukraine

Enigmatic British street artist Banksy has confirmed that they were in war-torn Ukraine by posting on Instagram images of a new mural they created in the city of Borodyanka.

Banksy shared three photos of a mural via the social media site.

The first image is a close-up view of the mural. It features Banksy’s black-and-white stenciling depicting a woman performing a handstand on top of a rock.

The second image zoomed out, showcasing that the artwork was done at the base of a building that appears to have been bombed. The third image shows the building covered in rubble.

After a number of murals in Banksy’s style appeared in various parts of the country, it has been rumored for weeks that the mysterious street artist Banksy was there. Banksy confirmed these rumors on Friday afternoon via Instagram.

Banksy is not afraid to work in conflict zones. In the past they have painted murals along the Gaza Strip and even opened a hotel called The Walled Off Hotel in Bethlehem, which boasts of having “the worst view in the world”because it overlooks Israel’s wall.

Banksy used their work to attack the Bush administration, British government and their involvement in the wars on Iraq and Afghanistan.


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