Bad Hair 2020 Horror/Thriller Watch Online Prime & Hulu

The 2020 horror satire film Bad Hair is one of the underrated gems on Hulu and Prime. The film explores cultural explorations with interesting preludes, and its’s overindulgent, rambunctious comedy-horror sets it apart from its counterparts.

Bad Hair was set up in LA back in 1989, and the first act is quite compelling. The film revolves around Anna, an aspiring executive assistant played by Elle Lorraine.

Bad Hair: Plot

Anna works on a music video called ‘Culture,’ and she’s eyeing a promotion. However, Anna’s life hits a roadblock when her only support in the professional sphere leaves the company, and Anna partners up with Zora, played by Vanessa Williams. Zora steals the creative idea that Anna has and asks her to do something with her hairstyle.

Bad Hair 2020 Horror/Thriller Watch Online Prime & Hulu

However, the enchanting hairstyle did give her completely renewed confidence, but then there are corpses all around her. The cheesy CGI of the living snake of a hairstyle is amusing.

It is more of an unironic horror film that reflects self-awareness, dopey, reconciliation of two tones. The film also explores a Native American myth, more of a superstition that makes things worse.

Bad Hair: Stream on Amazon Prime Video

Satirical American horror comedy film is currently available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video. So, if you think you’re missing out on something funny yet something that won’t let you sleep at night, you should binge-watch the film almost immediately.

To watch Bad Hair, you need to subscribe to Amazon Prime Video. If you already have the subscription, you can stream it right away.

Bad Hair 2020 Horror/Thriller Watch Online Prime & Hulu

Bad Hair: Details on Hulu Original Film

The film was released on the 16th of October 2020 at limited locations in the US. By the looks of it, Bad Hair was then available for streaming on Hulu from the 23rd of October 2020. 

The film has received critical acclaim from critics from around the world. You can tune in and watch the movie later this weekend.

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