Bachelorette Hannah Brown An Alum Shares Huge News!

Bachelorette Hannah Brown, a fan favorite, shared some major news Wednesday, September 8. What is the? Dancing with The Stars What is the current season 28 champ? Keep reading, and we’ll explain.

Hannah Brown livin’ her best life after heartache 

ABC viewers are well-versed in Hannah Brown. She’s appeared on two shows in the Bachelor franchise. She also participated in Season 28. Dancing with the Stars Bachelor Nation first met Hannah during Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor.

While she didn’t end up with Colton, Hannah won over fans. She was so popular that she was selected as the next. Bachelorette. Hannah Brown, who was a part of her season, created one of the first viral moments by confessing on camera that she had sex with Peter Weber several times in a windmill.

Jed Wyatt and Tyler Cameron were the two remaining suitors at the end. Hannah turned Tyler’s proposal down but accepted Jed’s. Shortly after filming began, she found out that Jed was having an affair with a woman.

Since that time, Hannah has been linked to multiple men, including speculation she was dating Tyler’s BFF, Matt James. However, she’s never had a serious relationship since her time on The BacheloretteAll that changed when she met Adam Woolard, a model. The two of them co-starred in the video for the Jordan Davis song “Almost Maybes.”

Was Adam able to finally kneel in real life, just like he did in this video? Is that you?

Bachelorette Hannah Brown An Alum Shares Huge News!

Bachelorette alum Hannah Brown drops HUGE news 

Hannah Brown posted to Instagram Stories on Tuesday, September 7th to tease big news for the next day. She is not engaged. Instead, she will be joining other Bachelor Nation alums to release her first book.

Her memoir is called God Bless This Mess: Learning to Live and Love Through Life’s Best (and Worst) Moments. It will shed new light on the former beauty queen’s life. People magazine Exclusive preview God Bless This Mess. The book will cover the overdose that almost cost Hannah Brown’s brother his life.

The bachelorette alum will also share her battle with depression and anxiety. Hannah’s journaling and other methods of dealing with her problems will be revealed in the memoir. Hannah Brown has always been open about her past struggles, but the book will go deeper into her personal story.

Bachelor Nation star Matt James shows his support 

Hannah Brown is now supported by Matt James, the once-rumored romance partner. He shared a photo of Hannah’s book with the caption, “Let’s freaking Goo!!”

Matt might be able to ask. Dancing with The StarsSome pointers. Matt James is one of the contestants on the ABC Dance Competition Season 30.

God Bless This MessBooks will be available in bookstores starting Tuesday, November 23rd, 2021.

Did you guess Hannah Brown’s huge news? Are you going to read her memoir? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts about the best book written by Bachelor Nation stars.

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