Bachelor In Paradise Victoria Fuller Slams BIP Star Brendan Morais!

Victoria Fuller had her fair share of drama when she was on Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor. Chase Rice, her ex-boyfriend, performed for the couple. But that wasn’t all. When it comes to what a lot of Bachelor nation thinks was Brendan Morais and Pieper James’ scheme to get more followers, she’s speaking out.

Brendan was already vibing with Natasha Parker before Pieper arrived. While he’d been a little gun-shy, Natasha continued to try and make him feel comfortable. Rumors circulated that Pieper and Brendan were in a relationship, but Pieper said it was casual. Pieper appeared and everyone was aware that they were a married couple. They also talked about, “playing the game,” And “gaining followers.”

Natasha tweeted that she couldn’t even watch it because this was the first time the cast had been privy to Pieper and Brendan’s private conversation. He hurled abuse at Natasha after they returned from their date, telling her that she didn’t have any prospects. It didn’t look good and it seemed the couple was laughing about it.

Bachelor In Paradise Victoria Fuller Slams BIP Star Brendan Morais!

What did Victoria Fuller say?

Victoria Fuller shared her views on the episode through social media. Brendan claimed that Pieper was there by chance. Victoria Fuller described him as a “sick f**k.”According to US Weekly, The text was then added by her. “me trying to remember the healthy exercises my therapist tried to teach me.”She posted another picture of her flipping the bird, and she said: “this one is for u [sic] Brandon.”She might have misspelled his name intentionally.

Brendan posted an Instagram post that stated, “Here for the wrong reasons,” Fans responded. He has since deleted that post, but that hasn’t stopped fans from commenting on others. One comment. “Natasha is a Queen how dare you?”Another thought: “king of leading women on, super unattractive quality.”Many people have shared the snake emoji in their Instagram photos.

More Bachelor Nation Stars Are Weighed in

Serena Pitt tweeted, “When Natasha was approaching Pieper to talk to him, she told Brendan that it would work out fine.” She responded, “clearly I was on a different beach than everyone else.”Clay Harbor said: “I would take Natasha out yesterday.”

Nick Viall said: “Brendan and Pieper are the masterminds of a very poorly planned crime.”Pieper tried to make it sound like all of the above. BIPBrendan made an apology today while Brendan edited. This isn’t the last fans will hear of the drama still unfolding. Pieper and Brendan are still on the beach going into next week’s episode. Anything could happen from here, but it shows in the previews, their drama isn’t over.

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