Baby Born at 34,000 Feet on Flight From Ghana to Washington, DC

A quick-thinking flight attendant and passenger aboard a plane heading from Ghana to Washington, D.C., made sure a pregnant woman who found herself in labor a month early was able to have her baby safely.

When it was realized that the mom-to-be was going to give birth on the 11-hour flight, Dr. Stephen Ansah-Addo, who was a passenger on the flight, and Nana Adawa Taki, who was a flight attendant and trained nurse, sprang into action.

“She was a little bit concerned, especially about the baby, and she was in a lot of pain asking if we could give her anything and we knew that wasn’t possible,” Taki told Inside Edition.

But the two-person delivery team did all they could to make the woman comfortable. They set up a makeshift delivery room on the floor of the galley with blankets and towels.

Two hours later, a baby boy was born happy and healthy. The youngest passenger on board was named Nolan.

When the flight landed in D.C., medical personnel were ready to take mom and baby Nolan to the hospital.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be called in a situation like this,” Ansah-Addo said. But, he noted, “There couldn’t be a better situation like this to show. She being a nurse and me being a doctor.”

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