Awesome New TikTok Reveals Exactly What Happens To Disney World’s Giant Gingerbread Houses After Holiday Festivities Are Over

Awesome New TikTok Reveals Exactly What Happens To Disney World’s Giant Gingerbread Houses After Holiday Festivities Are Over

Each year, Walt Disney World showcases incredible gingerbread houses that are life-size and made with real sweets. They are Year after year, guests are amazed at the culinary achievementsHowever, a thought that many have had over the years is: Who are those lucky people who can live a Hansel & Gretel dream and eat all the contents of their houses? The answer is sweet as honey. 

The wild truth was shared Official TikTok for Disney ParksThis video reveals the shocking truth. For the past decade, Disney’s chefs have a detailed process that involves feeding its gingerbread houses to the bees of Florida. It’s worth a look:   

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One Disney su chef shared his TikTok experience with the TikTok. Walt Disney World Resort has ended the holidaysThey break down all of the candy, chocolate and cookies, then send the remaining gingerbread houses to their tree farm where they are enjoyed by local Florida bees. The recycling initiative allows Disney to reduce bees’ population, particularly in winter when it is harder to find food for them. 

It’s seriously an insane answer to the ‘who eats the Disney gingerbread houses?’ question, but it’s nice to hear that Disney is recycling and providing food to bees. Once the Bees have enjoyed their feastThe displays are used by the Disney crew to give a new look to homes. This cycle will continue in January. 

What is the story behind this? This is what Barry Stockwell, a Disney plan work specialist, shared with The Disney Parks blog

When we were cleaning out our gingerbread displays every year, we noticed that bees loved the sugar after they had been deconstructed. We took the pieces of the displays to Disney Tree Farm and laid them in our field so that the bees could collect the sugar.

According to the blog post local farmers can harvest honey and sell it to markets. Someone cue “Circle of Life,”Because the process has a natural cycle feeling that is hard to find when it comes to helping animals and recycling man-made material. 

Disney guests can now expect fewer people and look forward to exciting new additions to the parks. The Star Wars Hotel is coming soonAnd the Guardians of the GalaxyRoller coaster called Cosmic Rewind. We’ll keep you posted here on CinemaBlend with more Disney Parks news. 

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