Average American attempts home renovation project themselves for this many hours before giving up and hiring a pro

ARE you having trouble recreating what you saw on Pinterest? You’re not alone.

A new survey of 2,000 general population Americans discovered four in 10  have had more DIY failures than they did successes. On average, it took five hours to find the right solution and quit their project.

People usually give up after a few hours of trying a home improvement project on theirown


People usually give up after a few hours of trying a home improvement project on theirownCredit: Getty
Some will try to fix their issues on their own before bringing in experts


Some will try to fix their issues on their own before bringing in expertsCredit: Getty

Nearly half (45 percent) completely butchered a home improvement project by trying to take it on without professional help, and 57 percent wish they could go back in time to call in a professional before getting started.

Fifty-six percent get so flustered, they’ve called one of their parents to get play-by-play instructions on how to do a repair or home improvement project.

Commissioned by BJ’s Wholesale Club and conducted by OnePoll, the study revealed the average American starts experimenting with DIY home improvement projects at age 22.

Many respondents recalled their first projects – fixing faulty televisions, building furniture, filling in wall holes and cracks, draining clogged sinks, and even putting up a mailbox.

Although 51 percent of respondents claim that they are the best person to help with DIY projects for family, friends and neighbors, 38%, 37%, and 37% respectively prefer to hire a professional, a partner (37%), or a friend (24%).

When it’s time to look for a professional contractor to get an improvement job done, people spend an average of nine hours researching them before hiring them.

Respondents stated that they found contractors via an internet search (37%), personal recommendation (35%), or in stores (15%).

Nearly three-quarters of the respondents (71%) stated that they try to learn as much as they can from people they hire for projects.

“Hiring a professional contractor can take a lot of time and research, but people don’t realize the entire process can be so much easier with home improvement services,” said Tom Heling, vice president of services at BJ’s Wholesale Club.

“We vet home improvement specialists to take the guesswork out of the process and to help people save both time and money.”

44% of DIYers who trust others believe that being given a task to improve their home is a sign they are trustworthy.

It is a sign that you have expert knowledge, for 48% it is a sign of trust, and for 36% it is a sign to be strong.

People will look at TV and websites for inspiration when looking for home improvement ideas (45%) or social media (33%), respectively.

DIYers are more likely to copy what they see on social media, such as how to remodel rooms (32%), build furniture (28%), or clean pools (23%).

A survey also found that people are more proud of their work when they’re painting a room, doing landscaping (29%) or leading a kitchen remodeling project (26%)

The kitchen is the most difficult room to remodel, according to nearly a third of the respondents (29%) who encountered roadblocks along their way.

Half of the married respondents (52 percent) said they assign their spouse a weekly “honey-do” list of DIY and home improvement projects.

The most common “honey-dos” include fixing leaky faucets (45 percent), wall painting (42 percent), and drywall repair (35 percent).

“While some easy DIY projects can be a fun task, leave the more complex projects to the professionals and save yourself the headache,” Heling is recommended

“Our team will track the entire project from start to finish and address any issues to ensure complete satisfaction.”  

DIY projects can be fun but complicated


DIY projects can be fun but complicatedCredit: Getty

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