Australian Reporter “Outs” Himself As Chastised By Caroline Kennedy

Caroline Kennedy arrived Friday morning in Australia to begin her assignment as US ambassador. However, she has already taught the Australians a lesson on manners.

Attending press were eager to ask questions of the ambassador. One female reporter was drowned out when a male reporter began to speak over her.

Kennedy turned her attention to the man and inquired. “Did you just talk over the woman?”

She smiled, but it was obvious that she understood the message. As she turned to the female reporter, she continued. “Well, okay, she started.”

Hugh Riminton, a Channel Ten news anchor, was the man in question. He later became a celebrity. “outed”He is active on social media.

The press conference went otherwise smoothly with Kennedy answering a range of questions about subjects from the Pacific, to US President Joe Biden’s recent Covid-19 diagnosis.

Caroline Kennedy was sworn into the office of US ambassador to Australia in June 10. Under President Obama, she was previously the US ambassador to Japan.

She spoke to Sydney’s waiting reporters:

“Everybody is so excited about working together in the Quad and in the Pacific. So there’s a big agenda and I can’t wait to get started.

“Personally, this means a great deal to me. My husband is also here. Our honeymoon was 36 years ago. It was also our third anniversary.

“I can’t believe that I’m lucky enough to get a chance to serve here and to live here and get to know even more people.”

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