Athletes Caught In Groupie Scandals

Athletes Caught In Groupie Scandals

Conor McGregor is a mixed martial artist who has hurt many of his opponents. He also hurt his reputation. It happened in 2020 when a woman named Kim Hendrick shared A video of herself in bed with either McGregor or someone who can get a job as his stunt double. But regardless of who it was in the clip, the famed fighter took the hit and was accused of cheating on his fiancé Dee Devlin, who he has three kidsAs of the writing.

McGregor did not answer the video. It could be that he didn’t know the video was being shown or that he thought keeping silent would make this scandal disappear faster. Either way, there were no outward signs that the video affected the McGregor, Devlin union. The couple actually looked happier than ever during an Instagram photoThat was done on June 21, 2022.

McGregor got into another little scandal in 2020 when he I posed for a picture with Karolina Sevastyanova, a gymnast who later became a model. McGregor seemed to be more critical in this situation than Sevastyanova, who was accused of being too close to McGregor. “Guys, stop asking me these questions,”Sevastyanova responded to Instagram Stories, per “I approached him with my man, and he was with his wife.”

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