Aswathama Full Movie Download To Watch Online Leaked By Tamilrockers & TamilMv | Will The Naga Shaurya Starrer Get Through This?

Aswathama is a Telugu Movie released on 31st January 2020 starring Naga Surya and Mehreen Pirzada with the direction of debutant  Ramana Teja’s Aswathama. The story of this movie is penned by Naga Shaurya himself with the collaboration with Teja. According to Teja, this story was with Naga Shaurya from the time he met him in the sets of Chalo. He is so honored to do the direction for a story that’s so dear to Naga.

According to Naga Surya, this was an inspiration from his friend’s bad experience in her life. Yet it is a common thing that happens to every woman and the wrongs men do to them in this country.

Aswathama Leaked Online


It is an upsetting matter for the hardworking cast and crew, that the movie which will be doing far better in the theatres has got leaked online already within the first few weeks of release. The movie collection will be crippled by this due to the same factor.

David Fincher who is well regarded for his expertise in thriller movies is the major inspiration for the execution of this movie. The technical detailing is done entirely in accordance with his films. Even though this movie is a thriller, apart from regular thriller movies there is an emotional side for the story. So the technicians are selected accordingly.

The movie is receiving a very good response from the audience as well as critics. You can check out the daily collection reports from the website itself.

As you can see the efforts and dreams the filmmakers put in for creating such a movie is priceless. It is not that much to ask for entertaining you to take a ticket. WE strongly urge you to catch the movie directly from the theatre nearby you.

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