As Regé-Jean Page Tops The James Bond Odds Once More, A Surprise Contender Has Further Complicated Tom Hardy’s Chances

As Regé-Jean Page Tops The James Bond Odds Once More, A Surprise Contender Has Further Complicated Tom Hardy's Chances

The recent rise in 007 odds has seen The Saint’s Regé-Jean Page taking the top spot once more. With the most recent pack of contenders looking pretty familiar, there isn’t a ton of shockers in the data pointing towards Daniel Craig’s would-be successor in the history of James Bond movies. That is, unless Tom Hardy happens to be your savior. VenomActor is likely shocked to have his chances further complicated due to a surprise contender.  

Aidan Turner Leapfrogged Tom Hardy

Check out the most recent update from US-BookiesHardy, along with fellow perennial hopeful Michael Fassbender, has fallen into a fourth-place tie. After a 4/1 showing, Hardy has fallen to a 9/1 tie with former Magneto. One must wonder who could beat a man with the power a symbiote. As it turns out, the answer is a dwarf. The Hobbit/PoldarkAidan Turner is now in third place. Here’s where the current James Bond standings are holding: 

  • Regé-Jean Page – 11/4
  • Henry Cavill – 4/1
  • Aidan Turner – 6/1
  • Tom Hardy/Michael Fassbender – 9/1
  • Idris Elba 10/1
  • James Norton – 12/1
  • Cillian Murphy – 18/1
  • Jamie Dornan/Tom Hopper – 25/1

Refer to the data from the past on who bettors prefer to assume the tuxedo as a post-election reference.No Time To Die Turner was a 20/1 chance. The actor was part of a very crowded section in the upper ranks. Riz Ahmed and Jack Lowden were also included, among other things.. A deeper look at these numbers also indicates that Tom Hardy’s tumble isn’t even the largest fall in this new shake up.

Jamie Dornan’s Odds Took A Huge Tumble

It seems that this particular misfortune has fallen on Belfast’sJamie Dornan went from an 8/1 tie with McMafia’s James Norton in a 25/1 dead Heat with The Umbrella Academy’sTom Hopper. You can see how unpredictable the world James Bond betting odds is, as both Norton and Hopper were high-ranking contenders in past years. Still, even if the Bond gig evades him, Dornan does have Netflix’s spy thriller Heart of StoneComing up where he’ll star alongside Red Notice’s Gal Gadot.

Uncertainty reigns supreme at the James Bond contest. Jamie Dornan, Regé-Jean Page and, yes, even Tom Hardy know how it feels to be on top, only to be dethroned for a time. Will Aidan Turner be able to remain in the top three? Or will Tom Hardy outperform him again? What does this all mean? Henry Cavill, despite being at the top of his game, was not happy.What about a flip to second?

These and other answers might soon be available when we next look at the James Bond betting odds. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what the official hunt for the next 007 brings, as anything truly can happen. If you’re looking for certainty, you can find that in the 2022 Movie Releases; provided nothing you’re looking forward to gets shuttled to another release date. 

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