As a makeup artist, I can help you avoid the common mistakes in eyeshadow that will make you appear older or highlight your wrinkles.

EYESHADOW will transform your entire look.

It turns out that there are some major errors that could make you appear years older and bring more attention to wrinkles and fine lines.

Getting your eye makeup right can make or break your look


Your look can be made or broken by the quality of your eye makeupCredit: Getty

Pauline Briscoe is a make-up artist. It is important to choose the correct colours when applying eyeshadow.

Neutral shades look timeless and chic no matter what your age. So if in doubt, stick with black, white or brown.

You might consider reducing your black color as you get older, because it can cause your eyes to appear smaller.

Pauline recommends soft pastel tones and warm colors.

They’re a “Formational” group, she explained. “complementary on older skin as these shades create the illusion of a youthful and fresh appearance.”

Which eyeshadow colors are the best to buy?

Pros recommend NYX Swear By It. “and I do swear by it,” Sie said.

This palette includes 40 colors, which range from soft pastels and warm pinks, through deep oranges or blues.

The makeup whizz also suggested the slightly more pricey Urban Decay Born to Run palette for £53.

Pauline stated that soft browns make the pallet a staple of her kit.

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