Argos PS5 restock is live NOW

THE Argos PS5 restock is live but you’d better hurry if you want the chance to bag a new console.

It was expected that the retailer would release more next-generation hardware this week.

Argos PS5 restock is live NOW


PS5 stock tracking account PS5UKStock put out the call this morning, but people are still managing to find consoles.

“For those wondering if it’s [out of stock] it is not, the drop has barely begun,” the account tweeted.

The account explained that it flashes in an out-of-stock message for all UK customers, then switches to each region.

“It’s just started regional and will go on for some time.”

Although the Argos PS5 stock restocks don’t go smoothly, the account recommends that customers stick with it, despite any frustrations or glitches.

Argos’ app is the best way to purchase a PS5 for your smartphone.

It is recommended that buyers add the item to their cart and keep refreshing.

You can still get one in your area, if it hasn’t yet gone live.

As we approach Black Friday and Christmas, we’ve seen lots of PS5 stock restocks.

Keep an eye on the stock trackers PS5 to receive these notifications.

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Argos PS5 restock is live NOW

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