Are you undermining faith in elections?

CNN’s Dana Bash pressed Kari Lake, the Republican candidate for Arizona governor, on her insistence that the 2020 presidential election was “corrupt”Ask her if she’ll accept a loss in the next race.

“You called the 2020 election ‘corrupt,’ ‘stolen,’ ‘rotten’ and ‘rigged,’ and there was no evidence of any of that presented in a court of law or anywhere else, that any of those things were true,” Bash on CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday. “So why do you keep saying that?”

The Republican candidate replied, “there’s plenty of evidence,”Falsely claimed that they were “740,000 ballots with no chain of custody,” Bash interjected, asking “where is the evidence of that?”Lake suggested to CNN that she forward the information, but it was noted that CNN has the problem. “the media won’t cover it.”

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“We’ve covered this extensively, and what you just said has been debunked,”Bash replied, while Lake replied. “only one side of it.”

“The real issue, Dana, is that the people don’t trust our elections,”Lake continued. “They haven’t since 2000. I’m a reporter, I’ve been sitting on your side of the desk for a long time and since 2000 we have Americans who don’t trust our elections,”She spoke out citing the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections.

Bash quickly responded that Al Gore, John Kerry, and Hilary Clinton had all conceded the election 2000. “we didn’t see that in 2020, that’s the difference … Are you undermining faith in elections by saying that the 2020 election was stolen when there’s absolutely no evidence to support that?”

“We have serious problems … and you want to have me on here and talk 2020 election,”Bash was able to shoot back Lake at him, which Bash explained. “I would never bring this up ever had you not been bringing this up consistently on the campaign trail.”

CNN’s host also asked Lake if she would accept the results of Arizona’s upcoming race regardless of whether it was a win or loss. Lake answered the question two times, but she didn’t answer it again. “I’m gonna win the election and that will be the result,”They refused to lose the chance.

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