Are Doubloons real? The TikTok strange trend explained


TikTok is seeing a strange new trend that includes cats and doubloons.

Doubloons are a type of currency. These were Spanish coins that were first introduced in 1622. They have been immortalized by the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise.

Contrary to popular belief, this new trend does not relate to the Spanish dollar.

It’s the name given to an online currency that can be converted. “buy” various items. You can store it in your virtual bank.

Twitter has taken the term to heart, and many are now discussing their doubles. This leaves others confused.

One person said it: “Doubloon tiktok is WILD. All i did is watch one girl complain anout doubloon inflation and now im involved in a robbery and now own 500 dabloons. I spent some of the doubloons on a small cottage that cost 46 doubloons [sic]”

One more: “I cant open tiktok becuase its ALL DOUBLOONS. ALL OF IT IS DOUBLOONS. IM LOSING MY MIND. I HAVE EXACTLY 1,000,000,224,9 OF THEM [sic]”.

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The digital currency has become synonymous with a cat.

The cat is often seen offering to give double coins to anyone who asks. If they wish to make more, TikTokers must follow their instructions. Cats often determine the cost of any item you want to purchase with your currency.

The TikTok double-bon trend, however, is not related to cryptocurrency.

Users don’t appear to be making any real money. They’re just participating in this imaginary economy for fun and memes.

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