Are Desktop Slots As Advanced As Mobile Slots?

Slot games have a wide share of popularity among the players. You can see people attracted towards them heavily. These games are easy to play and offer a fun experience. The global casino industry has become a multi-million dollar industry. It has seen a huge rise in recent years.

They are easily available on every device that is being used in today’s time. There are mobile slots and desktop slots that are widely used by players. As online gambling is legal in the UK, there are many online casinos that offer slots gaming on both desktop and mobile platforms. to get a better understanding of how these slots work you can go through the best online casinos reviews.

Are Desktop Slots As Advanced As Mobile Slots?

Online slots are very popular among people. Many people like to spend their time online on their mobile phones. Due to the ease of availability of these slots, people like to spend their time on them. 

That is why online slots are considered to be the best way to relax, and what bad is in it if you get big winnings out of your relaxation time . Let’s move to the hot topic, are desktop slots as advanced as mobile slots. Well, it is quite difficult to answer it here, let me take you to different aspects of both platforms. This will make us better understand the features that both platforms have to offer. 

History Of Online Slots 

Before we go deep into our topic, let us try to understand a little bit about the history of online slots. The online slots came in the 1980s, where the developers used RNGs to create video slots for the very first time.

The central idea of working a slot is based on RNGs (random number generators). Even now, the online slots are based on RNGs. With fast technological advancement, online casinos have been made possible. Developers like Microgaming, eyecon and netent are taking crucial steps in this growing industry.

Are They Really That Different?

It is no good and no bad thing, it’s just the perception that we as individuals have about the thing. In the same way, it is very difficult to say that desktop slots are better than mobile slots or vice versa. 

We will take a few features of mobile slots that make them more favourable over the desktop slots.

Ease to play

Playing slot games on the phone has become slightly easier, as you don’t have to download any apps to play slot games. They are easily available on the browser of your phone. You need to have a good and stable internet connection and you have to go to play the slot games on your phone. 


Playing slot games on your mobile phone is convenient. You can access these games from the comfort of your home, or while you are travelling. These games are accessible anywhere and at any time. 

So the convenience is greater on mobile phones. Many of the desktop features are also being included in the mobile versions. But with the ease of use and less sophistication, many users are playing lost games on their mobile phones.


On mobile phones, you have access to high speed 4g internet that makes you play the online slot games without lag. high internet speed increases your chances of winning in a slot.  The bandwidth has a lot to decide about the gaming experience. if the internet is slow, you will lose the game in between.

So to avoid such situations, always make sure that you play on a device that has high speed and a stable internet connection.

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So coming back to our question “Are Desktop slots as advanced as mobile slots”. It is a tricky one to answer, but so far we have discussed various features of both desktop slots and mobile slots. 

Based on that, it is seen that both the platforms have their own benefits and features that make them useful for players. More technological advancements have been made to deliver a user-friendly experience to the players.

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