Apple UK iPhone 15 and US iPhone 15 models have a top secret difference that is hidden.

Apple enthusiasts with keen eyes have noticed a slight difference between iPhone 15 models sold in US and UK.

The majority of people would miss the smallest detail.

There's something on the UK iPhone that the US one doesn't have


What’s on the UK iPhone is not available in the US iPhoneApple
Can you tell what's missing?


You can tell if something is missing.Apple

There is a big difference in price between iPhone 15 models sold in the US compared to those available for purchase elsewhere, including the UK.

This is because US-only iPhone 15 phones are eSIM.

Apple dropped the SIM cards in the iPhone 14 and there is no tray anymore.

The SIM tray is still present in Britain and other parts of the world.

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Apple is admired for the attention it pays to details. The website displays the appropriate version of the iPhone, depending on the country.

One user on X (formerly Twitter) wrote: “Apple’s attention to details is crazy.”

It was a very small hole. Who cared about it? “But they did.”

You may have to zoom and expand the photo to find it. It’s so well-hidden.

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Rumours had it that Apple would only make iPhone 15 eSIM available in the entire world this year.

However, it never became a reality.

It’s convenient to have two phones on the same device, say supporters of this technology.

Most US users are unhappy with the lack of options they face when abroad.

Now do you see it?


Do you now see what I mean?

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