Anyone can learn how to stay in a Med villa for free.

A FREE stay at a villa made it possible for me to go on holiday.

Finding creative ways to save money on holidays is important, especially with holiday prices rising.

I slept on a stranger's sofa in Sicily because it was the only way I could afford to visit the island in the peak season


The only way that I could visit Sicily during peak season was to sleep on someone else’s couch.Credit: Getty
I went couch surfing through Sicily as a student


When I was a college student, couch-surfing in Sicily became my hobby.Hope Brotherton
The private beach attached to the villa where I sofa surfed


Private beach at the villa, where I couch surfed

I am a naturally frugal person.

My budget has always been stretched, whether it was through hostels or supermarket meals. Finding free attractions and even finding cheap activities is what I do. So when I discovered a couch surf group, I became intrigued.

Couch-surfing is when a tourist stays for free on the sofa of a stranger.

As a student, I lived in Italy. I tried to see as much as I could for as little money as I could.

We met a woman at a couchsurfing meetup. The word “Man” is a term that describes a person who has a certain ability. We were hosted by a Sicilian man who graciously agreed to let us stay at his home. The following are some of the most popular ways to buy a car:Villa on a future trip.

I wasn’t worried about the possibility of crashing into a stranger because I knew I would be with my friends.

When I finally arrived at the villa, in Syracuse (Sicily), I am glad that I did.

The beach was untouched and we had the entire building to ourselves.

Our hosts did more than just provide us with the necessary facilities to ensure that our visit was memorable.

The locals showed us the most beautiful beaches and we had food at our fingertips.

My trip to Sicily was made affordable by being able to get free accommodation. I also paid for a Mount Etna guide tour.

My couch-surfing experience may have seemed like an impossible dream. However, it is not. You can also read about the horrors of Online stories

Couch surfing can be done in a safe way while still reaping its benefits. benefits.

The best place to look for reliable hosts is to use organisations like Couchsurfing.

Couchsurfing is a network that allows individuals to find free accommodations by paying $2.87 per month.

Couchsurfing invites members to events in which they can find locals who share their interests.

You can message another member and request to sleep on their couch.

You can get to know the person you are interested in by reading reviews of both them and their fellow members.

Couchsurfing suggests that you trust your gut instincts when assessing a situation.

You said, “If you feel unsafe about a profile or if a particular person is in danger, leave them.” Don’t worry about seeming rude.”

This organisation encourages all its members to also have a plan B.

Then they added, “Know Your Options.” If something doesn’t work out with your host, or if they misrepresented themselves or their home, make sure you have an alternate place to stay.

Before you leave, find the closest hostel or hotel or arrange a substitute host.

Lizzi and Alun have travelled to 84 countries for free. Enjoy your holidays with us She learned about the house-swapping program.

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Lizzi wasn’t the first person to useHome ExchangeThe following are some of the ways to get in touch with us: нутри Get free accommodation in the UK and Europe

Anna Bundock, 46, and her husband Pete, have used the house swapping website to go on 12 free Enjoy your holidays with us With their Children are a great way to get involved in the world around you. Take a ride with us.

I felt safe when I went couch surfing in Sicily


It was safe to couch surf in SicilyCredit: Getty

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