Anton Du Beke says Strictly stars were ‘terrible’ at launch in savage swipe

Professional ball room dancer Anton Du Beke has described this year’s Strictly Come Dancing contestants as “terrible” when they took part in last week’s group performance.

The Strictly star will join Kate Garraway on Friday’s Good Morning Britain to discuss the new series’ judging panel. He said that he was excited to see the program improve.

Speaking candidly Anton, 55, said: “I can’t wait for the first show by the way, because we saw the group dance on the launch show, and as normal – terrible.

“So I’m looking forward immensely to the first show to see what they’ve done over the last week or so and what they’re going to produce on Saturday night for their first live show.”

Anton said the group dance was 'terrible'
Anton said the group dance was ‘terrible’

Ben chimed in and giggled: “It can only get better.”

Looking straight into the camera while raising his voice slightly, Anton exclaimed: “It can’t get any worse than the group dance.

“I really genuinely cannot wait,” he added.

Speaking more about the recent reports regarding the professional dancers who have refused to be vaccinated to prevent the spread of coronavirus, Kate asked Anton his opinion on this matter and if he knew what was going on behind the scenes.

The star also spoke openly about the professionals who have refused to vaccinated
The star also spoke openly about the professionals who have refused to vaccinated

The dancing legend said: “In all seriousness I don’t know about it because I’m not part of the pros anymore, so I’m not involved in the group.

“I do know this, if it is anything like last year, everybody is tested every week anyway. Everyone is having fun, and no one is judging. Also, everyone is keeping their distance in the studio.

“So the whole thing is geared up as though we were in sort of grip of the whole thing.

“Although I am aware that the rules and regulations have been relaxed across the country, I also know that Strictly Come Dancing is a live show. We don’t want any unpleasant incidents.

Anton said everyone on set are regularly tested
Anton said everyone on set are regularly tested

Talking about the BBC and the production team, he continued: “I know they are sort of treating it as if we were in a the grip of the pandemic.

“So it’s all taken very seriously, and doing exactly what they should in sort of the government guidelines.”

Earlier this week the popular BBC programme came under fire as several agreed that if contestants or professionals were not double vaccinated then they shouldn’t be allowed to participate in the show.

Prime Minster Boris Johnson was also asked his opinion on those who have not been jabbed.

The PM responded: “Everyone should take their jabs and I’m saying that not in a hectoring or bullying way, but just because I think it’s a great thing to do.”

Despite all the concerns, dancers don’t have to reveal their vaccination status. Strictly bosses can also not ask if they have been immunized.

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