Anti-vax QB Aaron Rodgers says he has a new injury … Covid toe


Anti-vax QB Aaron Rodgers says he has a new injury ... Covid toe

Is Aaron Rodgers OK? No, he’s not because he says he has … Covid toe.

You might be thinking, ‘Covid toe?! There’s no way that’s real.’ Unfortunately for the unvaccinated NFL player, he says it is.

It appears as though the side effect stemmed from when the Green Bay Packers star contracted the virus earlier this month, after having refused to receive the Covid-19 vaccine.

Rodgers discussed his toe problems during the Pat McAfee Show and he admitted it’s causing major pain.

When asked about how his recovery has been since contracting the coronavirus Rodgers responded: “No lingering effects, other than the Covid Toe.”

“I believe that I mentioned that it was more painful than turf toe – and I had turf toe two years ago,” he continued. “Naturally I’m leading people to understand that if it’s worse than turf toe it must have some kind of bone issue.”

Rodgers added: “I’ve given you enough information at this point – I have a toe injury that’s not going away and I’m going to be dealing with it for at least the next few weeks.”

The football player also revealed that it’s his pinky toe that’s bothering him.

Admittedly, many were left unconvinced with Rodgers’ claims of having Covid toe; and who can blame them?

Covid toe is a side effect from a positive Covid diagnosis which the majority of us haven’t heard of before, and Rodgers isn’t exactly an expert in this area so suspicion is both expected and healthy in the case.

According to the official WebMD page for the condition, the symptoms for Covid toes are discoloration, blisters, swelling, pain, and even pus under the skin.

Though Covid toes have appeared in people who’ve tested positive for coronavirus, the site also mentions that the skin change has also occurred among those who tested negative.

So why and how does this happen? The site referenced a small study that suggested that the “toe condition might stem from your immune system mounting a strong antiviral’ response to the coronavirus.”


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