Anthony De La Torre’s Proposal Caught Lana Condor Off-Guard

Anthony De La Torre's Proposal Caught Lana Condor Off-Guard

  • Insider was told by Lana Condor that she was eagerly awaiting her boyfriend Anthony De La Torre’s proposal.
  • De La Torre proposed to De La Torre on Christmas Eve. The actress claimed that she was caught. “off-guard.”
  • Because they wanted to keep the news private, the couple withheld it until January.

Lana Condor said that she anticipated fiancé Anthony De La Torre’s ProposalHe was surprised to find out that he had proposed on Christmas Eve. 

“I was fully expecting it and I was like, ‘If it doesn’t happen this holiday season, I’m gonna throw hands,'”Condor spoke to Insider during a promotion for her partnership with Neutrogena. “I was like, ‘We’ve been together for six years. Come on, now is the time.'”

De La Torre posed the question “To All the Boys”Star will be his wife for the winter holiday, wearing a ring by Paris Jewellers, a Vietnamese female jeweler.

Condor claimed that Condor visited their families during the time and that she was “looking for any sort of clues”to make a proposal during their free time. 

The actress was “really hopeful”She was prepared, but a proposal did not come through to her surprise.  

“And then on Christmas Eve, he actually did completely catch me off guard,” Condor recalled.

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The “Moonshot”Star said De La Torre had decorated their balcony using small candles that kept burning, but she wasn’t sure why.

“I didn’t think that anything was happening,”She spoke. “I thought we were just having Christmas Eve dinner.”

Condor, who started dating De La Torre in 2015, stated that the proposal “was really beautiful”They were married. “weeping.”

“I’m beyond thrilled,”She spoke. “I still can’t believe it. Every morning, I look at my ring and I’m like, ‘Oh my God. Oh my God, I did it. I secured the rock!”

They went on a wellness retreat without phones the next month to celebrate their engagement and promote mental health. 

The couple waited until January 28 for their engagement to be publicized because they were not ready yet. “wanted to tell our families and then keep it to ourselves,” Condor said. 

“We just kind of took that time to connect, just the two of us,”She added. “And then when we felt we were ready, we let the world know.”

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