Anthony Anderson explains why he decided to leave law and order after just one season

Anthony Anderson explains why he decided to leave law and order after just one season

It is possible that there will be some Law & OrderFans were stunned to hear that Anthony Anderson would be leaving the revival. This news was made shortly after NBC announced the exciting Season 22 renewal news. Det. was a hit with viewers. Kevin Bernard back on the case again alongside Jeffrey Donovan’s Det. Frank Cosgrove and others may be curious about Bernard’s exit. Anderson now explains why he left the legal drama after a single season.

Before his departure, Bernard had spoken highly about his return to the role of Det. Bernard. It helped Bernard to deal with the end of his sitcom. black-ishAfter eight seasons, the show was cancelled. One would have thought that he would just stick with the tried-and-true procedural. According to his comments to the media, the actor at 51 seems to be aiming for original content. ET:

I wanted to create more shows, like Black-ish, with things I own, and try something new.

It is true black-ishAnthony Anderson, who starred in the OG, was allowed to participate. L&OFor two years, to do some TV things that were a little more innovative. He was also a comedian, so it’s easy to understand why he wanted the creative freedom on that show.

Though he’s left the NBC drama, that doesn’t mean the star is done with more dramatic projects. Actually, thee To Tell the TruthHe revealed to the host that he is currently shopping for another TV drama with his production team:

Miraculous is our next drama. We are going out to pitch it, and I am so excited.

The star seems to be already focused on his next project. His sentiments suggest that it was always his intention to appear. Law and OrderOnly one season of revival. It was a refreshing change for him to temporarily switch from comedy to drama after eight seasons of playing Andre Johnson.

His impact on the show is still felt, even though he’s not there anymore. His former Law and OrderJeffrey Donovan spoke about Anthony Anderson’s exit and stated that he enjoyed the fact that his role brought attention to the show. However, he also said that he will miss working with Anderson. Odelya Halevi, co-star, also stated that Anderson had an impact on her life. “incredible”Anderson was a pleasure to work with. Anderson is sure to be missed, even though Mehcad Brooks has been confirmed as his replacement.

Viewers will have the option to watch and wait to see what happens. Miraculous Receives a pilot or series order. But, we hope that it will work out so that Anthony Anderson can be seen on the small screen. He can be seen as Det. Kevin Bernard Law and OrderSeason 21 or Andre Johnson black-ishSubscribing respectively to Peacock or Hulu is easy. Keep an eye out for Season 22 of this legal drama on September 22 at 8 PM ET on NBC.

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