Anna Delvey Calls Julia Garner A ‘Very Sweet Girl’

  • Anna Sorokin, aka Anna Delvey, met the actor who plays her part. “Inventing Anna,”Julia Garner 
  • Julia Fox’s Website “Forbidden Fruits” podcast, Sorokin called Garner “a very sweet girl.” 
  • In 2019, Sorokin was convicted on fraud-related charges.

Anna Sorokin was an invited guest Julia Fox “Forbidden Fruits” podcast on FridayShe said that she had met her when they spoke. “Inventing Anna”Julia Garner plays the role of Julia Garner on the show.


Series, she was “very nice.” 

“She came to see me at Albion and she’s a very sweet girl,”Sorokin spoke of the two-year-old facility in which she was held after she was convicted in 2019 of a fraud in which she claimed to be a German heiress possessing a $60 million fortune.

Sorokin shared her thoughts with Fox and Niki Takesh about Garner’s performance on the Netflix hit series.

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This April 2019 file photo shows Anna Sorokin arriving at the New York State Supreme Court to face her trial.

AP Photo/Richard Drew

“I asked her to do my accent,”According to ICE, the 31-year old is currently in custody for violating her visa. She could be deported to Germany. “And it’d just so weird, you know? Because the way you hear yourself like, your voice is just completely different when you hear yourself on TV.” 

Garner was gifted by Fox “a six out of 10″Her accent is in “Inventing Anna” — because in Fox’s opinion, Garner “did a little too much”With her voice and Sorokin accent, it is “a little more subtle” — Sorokin defended the actor. 

“Well, to her defense, I guess she was portraying me from like, 2015, ’16, ’17,”Sorokin. “So now, I’ve spent like what? The past four years just in the States. I was surrounded by Americans. So, maybe my accent was different.”

inventing anna

In “Inventing Anna,”Sorokin hosts Martin Shkreli’s dinner party


“I barely even speak German these days, all I speak is English,”She continued. “And back in the day, I would speak like whatever — French, German, English — on a daily basis.” 

Garner had previously talked about the visit and previewed the accent for Sorokin’s in an interview with Town and Country Magazine. She called Sorokin the fake heiress. “really sweet”And “extremely charming.”

Garner’s costar Katie Lowes — who played one of Sorokin’s accusers, writer Rachel DeLoache Williams — also previously told Insider that she was so captivated by Garner’s performance that she would forget she had a job to do on set. 

“I was in a scene with her and I would forget my line because I was so busy watching her. I’d be like, ‘Oh, crap! It’s me,'”The “Scandal”Alum declared. 

In the podcast, Sorokin also criticized Williams for continuing to ‘attack her’

Rachel Deloache Williams is played by Katie Lowes on "Inventing Anna."

Katie Lowes plays Rachel DeLoache Williams (right). “Inventing Anna.”

Nicole Rivelli/Netflix; Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Williams, Vanity Fair editor, was a friend of Sorokin. She went on a trip to Morocco with her in May 2017. Williams claimed that Sorokin left her with $62,000 for the trip. However, Sorokin was cleared of the charge.

Williams was previously called out by Sorokin. “shamelessly”Profiting from their past friendship. On “Forbidden Fruits,”Williams is called Sorokin “annoying.”

“She’s like, timing her attacks. She thinks I’m just in jail and she can just say whatever she wants,”Sorokin stated.  

Sorokin added that she chose to respond to Williams’ statements to the media — such as calling the Netflix show “wrong”For “celebrating a sociopathic, narcissistic, proven criminal” — in part because she was bored. 

“Another part of it was every time I get on the phone with somebody, they’d be like, ‘We saw the rat face Rachel on TV again,’ and I’m like, ‘Wait a second,'”Before laughing, Sorokin spoke to Fox and Takesh during the podcast.


“Inventing Anna”Available to stream on Netflix now Listen to the complete podcast episode here.

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