Angela Lansbury Dedicated Her Last 5 Years to Great Grand-Grandkids After Taking Pride in Grandson’s Wedding

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  • Angela Lansbury, 96 years old, died peacefully in 2022.

  • The first year of motherhood was a difficult time for the actress.

  • Angela left Hollywood after her children had terrible experiences and moved to the country with them for many years.

  • The star spent her final years with her youngest child.

People reports that Angela Lansbury’s loved ones released a sad statement regarding her death. Most famously, the star was known for playing Jessica Fletcher in “The Secret Life of Jessica Fletcher,” a mystery novelist. “Murder, She Wrote.”

The children of Angela, a London-born actress, shared how they felt when their mother died on October 11, 2022 at 1:31 a.m. Angela passed away peacefully in her Los Angeles home at the age of 96.

Angela Lansbury at the PBS segment of the Winter Television Critics Association Press Tour on January 16, 2018, in Pasadena, California | Source: Getty Images

Source: Getty Images| Source: Getty Images

Fletcher was a CBS star for twelve years. She was just five days away of her 97th Birthday when she died. Deirdre Shaw, Anthony Shaw, and David Shaw were her three children.

Other survivors were Katherine Shaw, Peter Shaw Jr. and Ian Lansbury. Five great-grandchildren and Edgar Lansbury, the actor’s brother, were also present. Angela was with Peter Shaw, her actor husband of 53-years, and the statement also. revealed:

“A private family ceremony will be held at a date to be determined.”

Angela Lansbury and daughter Deidre Angela Shaw at Golden Apple Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, on December 10, 2000 | Source: Getty Images

Source: Getty Images| Source: Getty Images

She had made her family her priority over the years thanks to the late star. Angela was thrilled to become a great-grandmother, but she had to endure some difficult times in order to make her family happy.

Angela for the Children gave up her career to help others.

Angela married Peter in 1949. She then had David Shaw as her child. In January 1952, Anthony was born to the couple. Deidre, the only child of the couple, arrived the following April.

Angela Lansbury, Peter Shaw, and their three-month-old son Anthony Peter Shaw at their home in Hollywood, California, in 1952 | Source: Getty Images

Angela Lansbury, Peter Shaw and their three-month old son Anthony Peter Shaw at their Hollywood home, California in 1952. Source: Getty Images| Source: Getty Images

“The Little Women”Star kept on getting acting roles in movies after becoming a mother. She starred in 1954’s “The Star is Always With Me”. “A Life at Stake,”The following year, she was elected to the Instituting Board. “A Lawless Street,”She was born in 1956. “The Long, Hot Summer.”

Angela made her Broadway debut on Broadway in 1957. “Hotel Paradiso.”British actress, Emma Watson, once admitted that her first priority was her work and fame. In March 2014, she spoke out. Explained:

“As soon as I had the babies I went on a diet, and I was back in business. I regret that. You have to be with your children.”

Angela Lansbury with her son Anthony Shaw in a black and white photo in 1956 | Source: Getty Images

Source: Getty Images| Source: Getty Images

Angela was reported to have discussed quitting acting for nearly a decade in a 1979 article by The Sydney Morning Herald. Over twenty years of starring in films, Angela has also appeared in the 1960s. “The Manchurian Candidate,”The actress was seen leaving the scene.

In 1978, she was last seen onscreen in “The Movie.” “Death on the Nile.”Peter, a former senior executive at MGM Studios, died on January 29th 2003 in Los Angeles from heart failure.

Peter Shaw and Angela Lansbury at London Airport before their wedding on July 27, 1949 | Source: Getty Images

Peter Shaw and Angela Lansbury in London Airport prior to their wedding on July 27, 1949. Source: Getty Images| Source: Getty Images

The couple Their Malibu and Hollywood lifestyles were abandonedBecause their teenage children had become addicted to illegal drugs, Deidre and her biological brother went into self-exile. Deidre and her biological sister were both hospitalized between 1965 and 1969 for their addictions. Unfortunately, there was no cure.

During their twenties, the two children used illegal drugs daily. Angela was unable to be there for her children due to her work. Peter, who went on to become a film producer, stayed home often with them.

Angela Lansbury and her husband Peter Shaw at the Mother of The Year Awards Luncheon on May 4, 1990, in Beverly Hills, California | Source: Getty Images

Source: Getty Images| Source: Getty Images

Charles Manson called Deidre in Malibu to call him before his murders. Angela, however, didn’t take the bait. The star’s Hollywood home almost burned down in an annual forest fire in late 1969.

It was taken by the actress as a sign, and she relocated the family to Ireland. Anthony and his sister weren’t aware of what was going on because they were drugged all the time. However, the move helped them as they no longer had access to the illegal substance they wanted and they found a new environment that allowed them to get clean.

Angela Lansbury and her children, Deidre, 16, and Anthony, 17, after her opening night performance in "Dear World" at the Mark Hellinger Theatre on February 6, 1969 | Source: Getty Images

Angela Lansbury with her children, Deidre (16, and Anthony (17) after her opening performance “Dear World” Source: Getty Images| Source: Getty Images

Angela, from Ireland’s Own, revealed that her family moved to Cork in 1970 and that their new life was a chance for them to begin again. She shared the story of how they gardened and how she learned to cook with the fresh produce that they grew.

Angela [Lansbury]It was a feeling that I felt. “pretty wonderful”She was thrilled to have reached this milestone, and she was spoiling her newborn baby!

California’s harmful influences weren’t an issue for her children. The actress claimed that the therapy she used with her husband on her children was effective in 1979 and that Anthony and Deidre were free from their addiction.

Angela Lansbury and Deidre Shaw during the Tony Awards Party at The Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City, New York, on June 3, 1979 | Source: Getty Images

Angela Lansbury and Deidre at the Tony Awards Party held at The Waldorf Astoria Hotel New York City, New York City on June 3, 1979. Source : Getty Images| Source: Getty Images

The Sydney Morning Herald stated that the two siblings were both in their twenties in 2005 and were living happily in their lives, with no desire to go back to their addictions. The “National Velvet”Star Submitted Ireland’s Own,

“It was a decision we never regretted.”

Peter Shaw, Angela Lansbury, and son Anthony Shaw at the Ruby Awards on December 16, 1979, in New York City | Source: Getty Images

Source: Getty Images| Source: Getty Images

Angela, then 54, starred on Broadway in New York’s musical Sweeney Todd that same year. She lived on the farm in Ireland and spent her last years as a great grandmother.

Angela’s Last Happy Years as Great-Grandmother

According to a Daily Mail article from March 2014, Anthony was 61 years old when he died. Retired after a successful careerAs a TV director. Angela’s stepson had directed more than 60 episodes of Angela’s mother’s TV show. “Murder, She Wrote.”

Angela Lansbury at National Geographic's Los Angeles Premiere of "Science Fair" on September 15, 2018, in Los Angeles, California | Source: Getty Images

Angela Lansbury at National Geographic Los Angeles Premiere “Science Fair” Source: Getty Images| Source: Getty Images

He was married, had a daughter, and two sons. One of them was named after Peter, his father. Angela told the publication at the time that she would be attending her grandson Peter Jr.’s Cape Cod wedding in June 2014.

Speaking to Women & Home in December 2017, the actress ShareThat “one of the biggest joys”Her family was there at the time. She shared with the publication that she was just becoming a great-grandmother to Peter Jr. at the age of 91.

Angela it felt “pretty wonderful”She was thrilled to have reached this milestone, and she was also spoiling her newborn baby! In the last five years her life, she was Wishingto spend more time with her great-grandchildren and grandchildren “stage.”

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