Android phone users are only now realizing that there are 8 signs to look out for if you have been the victim of a criminal assault, which includes a ‘battery’ clue.

Check your Android for 8 signs it is infected by malicious “malware”

Experts in the field of cyber security have identified simple signs that your smartphone is not working properly.

Keep an eye out for sinister warning signs on your Android phone – it could save you from serious cyber-crime


Keep an eye out for sinister warning signs on your Android phone – it could save you from serious cyber-crimeUnsplash

Your Android phone will contain some of your most sensitive information and media – and probably money too.

Cybercriminals are able to take advantage of you, and extort or scam you.

Malwarebytes released an eight-point warning in an official memorandum.

It’s important to take action if you see them.

Android Malware: Warning Signs

Security experts say there are 8 “unmistakable signs” of Android infections.

You are:

  • A sudden flood of popups
  • Sudden increase in data usage
  • The mysterious charges you see on your bill
  • Battery life is poor
  • Texts and phone calls that are strange
  • The phone is overheating in a mysterious way
  • You may have uninstalled apps from your mobile phone
  • When Wi-Fi or any other connection activates on its own

The majority of these symptoms are not a guarantee that your smartphone is infected.

It’s possible that you may have been compromised if your phone has one or two of the following.

Adware can infect your device if you see a sudden influx of advertisements.

That’s software designed to spam you with ads to generate quick cash for crooks – at the expense of your smartphone.

“If ads appear out of nowhere and send you to sketchy websites, you’ve probably installed something with adware in it,” the cybersecurity company explained.

It can also cause performance problems and a drain on the battery.

Unknown apps that have been installed by someone close to you are dangerous – but hackers could also load your phone with dangerous software remotely.

Investigate your problem immediately, no matter what it is.

Take a closer look at any new apps you have installed.

Are they asking for strange permissions or promising something but not delivering?

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A rogue application may also have bad reviews or be installed somewhere other than Google Play Store.

You should delete the app if you notice that your device is acting strangely soon after installation.

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