An unidentified man uploads a video showing himself trapped in his work space

Dillon White showed his Phil Dunphy side after being trapped in the work closet for several hours. Did he manage to get out uninjured?

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TikTok user Known as @dadchatsDillon White experienced a terrifying ordeal in 2023 when he locked himself inside a wardrobe at his workplace. Influencer appeared to be anxious and nervous. He did all he could do make things better.

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“I am trapped in a closet at work and don’t have any reception to be able to call anyone ’cause my dumb a** pulled a little too hard on the handle,” Dillon admitted. It’s Friday so no one should be here.

He decided to make a joke out of his situation since no one would come to save him.

In the video, he says, “We are just going to record this into my camera roll. If I survive, it will be a funny memory of what happened.”

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He adds, “If I do not survive, it will be a funny memory with a darker twist.”

What was Dillon doing in his room during all this time? He survived the ordeal? See what happened below!

While he was confined to the office closet, this man managed to remain busy.

Dillon managed to keep himself entertained despite being trapped in the closet. Dillon debated a possible escape through the ceiling. He showed the viewers the blankets and cups that were kept in the wardrobe. And he even played Patty Cake by himself.

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As he removed his sweatshirt, Dillon began talking about all of the things that his children get angry about. Dillon: “I was thinking Riley wanted to know if having rabies hurt, but it turns out she really asked how it felt to be pregnant.”

The clearly frustrated father talked more than usual about the surrounding, which seemed to get worse as time progressed.

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“I have no reception yet… At 3:59 CT, he stated that he was “very hungry”. He later laid on a blanket and began singing songs, which appeared to have worked to keep him occupied — a tiny bit.

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He finally claimed that he would “die in the cupboard” and needed to use the restroom. It was a real dilemma!

Dillon said, “I’m not sure if it is better to pee on my pants or just here.”

He said, “When I started, I thought, ‘This is going to be hilarious and I will stay in there for about 15 minutes and when I post it, I’ll make everyone laugh.'” “Now, as I sit there, I think, ‘I’m missing that Dillon. That naive Dillon. ‘

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Did the worker escape with no permanent injuries after being trapped in the closet for so long?

“It’s been two and a half hours.” Dillon informed his followers later that he was “drenched with sweat”, dehydrated, hungry, and needed to pee. “I have probably lost 18 pounds, and I’ve sung the entire ‘Danny Boy” four or five time… “I played Patty Cake with myself quite a bit.”

Dillon, who was soaked, was finally let go, but it was all his fault in the end.

Truthfully, the truth is that he could’ve avoided the time he spent in the closet. However, his entertainment was great.

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He said, “It turns out that the handle had been broken from the inside but not the outside.” All I had to do was push.

Oh, dear. Oh, Dillon. Your name brings to mind a character from TV.

Many TikTokers have compared Dillion with Phil Dunphy, the character from Modern FamilyCommenting on the situation, one person said, “This is just like Phil Dunphy, who makes videos every time that he feels in danger, for his kids.”

Dillon responded with “My Vibe,” clearly deciding to maximize his experience.

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