Amy Schumer Says She Got Death Threats After Oscars Joke

Amy Schumer got death threats after her Oscar co-hosting gig, the comedian told Howard Stern today.

“I did a bit with Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons. That was completely orchestrated beforehand,” she said on Stern’s on his SiriusXM show. “The joke was that I was pretending I thought she was a seat filler. And we all worked that out together. I got death threats…the secret service reached out to me.”

Stern interrupted, “Wait, I’m not understanding. Why did you get death threats?”

“They [the trolls} were like, ‘Who do you think you are to disrespect Kirsten Dunst like that?’ ” said Schumer.

“The secret service?” asked a still-incredulous Stern about the law enforcement response.

“The secret service [and the] LAPD. They [the threats] were that serious.”

“To be honest,” said Schumer, “I actually did reach out to people I was going to joke about before to make sure it was ok with them because I’ve been burned too many times. I didn’t want the camera to cut to somebody looking sad.”

The Oscar co-host went on to say that, not only was Dunst in on the joke, the actress tried to staunch the backlash.

“She was really nice. She and Jesse are the coolest. She even posted like, ‘Hey, I knew about that bit,’ like because she knew I was getting death threats.”

Speaking of which, Schumer said she had much worse she could have gone with.

She described them as “evil, horrible roast jokes that I can’t help [are] in my mind,” including quips about Joe Rogan, James Franco and Alec Baldwin. She shared those jabs about a week later at a standup gig in Vegas.

Watch Amy Schumer on Howard Stern’s SiruisXM show below.

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