America’s Got Talent: More Season 17 Auditions Following Simon Cowell’s Favorite Golden Buzzers Episode


America's Got Talent: More Season 17 Auditions Following Simon Cowell’s Favorite Golden Buzzers Episode

America’s Got TalentNBC returned with a A new generation of talented performersTerry Crews, the host and judges, were quick to strike the golden buzzer for their favourites. The auditions round of competition isn’t over yet, but the July 5 broadcast wasn’t an episode following the usual format. Instead, the episode will be called “Simon’s Favorite Golden Buzzers” and covers host Simon Cowell’s top golden buzzer picks over the years. What time will it be? AGTReturn to the auditions 

Fortunately for fans, the wait won’t be too long. The sixth episode of auditions will air Tuesday, July 12, at 8 p.m. ET. ET on NBC. The episode is currently untitled. Fans who tuned in to their TVs July 5 expecting two hours worth of new acts will be pleased to hear that the interruption is only for a week. We can speculate on a few things about the episode.

Season 17 has already seen five episodes with all five golden buzzers. You can watch the episodes again by signing up for a Peacock subscription. Terry Crews The first season awardBack in the premiere, Avery Dixon, saxophonist, impressed him enough to earn the buzzer. Madison Taylor Baez was 11 years old when Howie Mandel sent her straight to the live show after hearing. Her incredible rendition of “Amazing Grace.” Simon Cowell’s pick was third when he selected 13-year-old singer Sarah James, who travelled all the way from PolandTo wow her, you can win the $1,000,000 prize. 

Sofia Vergara saved her golden buzzer until she saw the hypnotizing dance group Mayyas take the stage, with Heidi Klum awarding the last of Season 17 when singer Lily Meola’s performance She changed her mindHow to choose a musician. All four judges and host Terry Crews made great choices (although I’ve already I have ranked which one I think is most likely.). 

Those choices also mean that the next episode of auditions won’t feature a golden buzzer, although the judges and host In Season 16, the rules were broken againTo award Victory Brinker, a 9-year-old girl singer, a bonus golden buzzer. That was the first time that they ever bent that rule, however, so fans shouldn’t count on a sixth golden buzzer in Season 17. 

What other things can we expect to do after the break “Simon’s Favorite Golden Buzzers”On July 5,? Well, it’s hard to say other than that we’re in for some more talented acts who will earn their way one step closer to the $1 million prize and Las Vegas stage show, as well as some less talented whose dreams will end in the auditions round. Check out the next episode of America’s Got TalentAuditions Tuesday, July 12, 8 p.m. ET on NBC. 


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