American Pickers Mike Wolfe New Girlfriend Leaving Him Over Co-Star Danielle Colby?

Is it? Mike Wolfe Torn between his new girlfriend Leticia Cline His name is American Pickers co-star Danielle Colby What is the truth? According to one magazine, the reality star was caught in a classic love triangle. Here’s what we know.

Mike Wolfe’s New Romance ‘Heading For The Junkyard’ What is the best way to get started?

The latest edition Globe Reports American Pickers Mike Wolfe finds himself in a bind between two women. Wolfe began a relationship with Leticia Cline, a fellow reality star after he filed for divorce from Jodi Feast. It was apparently smooth sailing for Wolfe and Cline until Wolfe’s co-star, Danielle Colby, came into the picture. Insider tip: “everything was going great” Cline and Wolfe “until she met Danielle.”

American Pickers Mike Wolfe New Girlfriend Leaving Him Over Co-Star Danielle Colby?

According to the tipster, Colby isn’t afraid to say “whatever’s on her mind” And “got Leticia all riled up.” The insider even claims Colby has told Wolfe that Cline isn’t the one for him. But Cline isn’t going to let Colby just step in. “Leticia is saying Danielle better back off her man — or else. These are two very tough ladies, and no one would be surprised if they get rough. But Mike’s not getting much sympathy from anyone, especially now that he’s parted ways with his old picker partner, Frank Fritz,” The insider speculates.

Fritz left recently, the outlet says. PickersAnd he blew up his bridges on the road out. “Mike’s getting heat for what many consider a betrayal because Frank was his friend. Now the two women in his life aren’t getting along. He just can’t get a break!”The snitch exclaims.

‘Flirty Sexpot’ Feud Erupts?

So, is it true Danielle Colby has turned Mike Wolfe’s head away from Cline? It is not. Cline was no stranger to Wolfe before they began their relationship. Cline and Wolfe were friends for many years. Cline visited Wolfe even while he was working on the show. It’s obvious Cline knew about Colby long before now, and we doubt she suddenly has such an issue with her. Colby even made a sweet tribute, calling Wolfe her. “big brother” And “best friend.” It’s obvious the co-stars are close and aren’t sabotaging each other’s relationships.

Sources revealed recently TMZ Cline and Wolfe Have gotten “pretty serious,” We doubt Wolfe and Cline’s relationship was strained by a long-time friend. It’s obvious the magazine just wanted to stir up drama in Wolfe and Cline’s new relationship.

The Tabloid: Celebrity Relationships

This isn’t the first time the Globe The magazine claimed that a couple of celebrity celebrities was in trouble when they were actually doing well. In a magazine article, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw were reported to be divorcing earlier in the year. Then the outlet alleged Bill Cosby’s wife was divorcing him. Tabloids continue to claim that Barack Obama is divorcing. It’s clear the Globe He is more interested than the truth in fabricating divorce stories.

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