Amazon rushes to sell $100 Apple-duplicate gadgets scanning at checkout for only $60

Amazon has just launched a pair of Apple-like headphones that are sure to delight shoppers.

The e-commerce giant is selling a popular Apple AirPod dupe at a 42 percent discount.

Shoppers have been excited to see Apple dupe headphones on sale at Amazon


Amazon has a great selection of Apple-like headphones for sale.JLB

JBL True Wireless Earbuds typically cost shoppers $99.95 – but that price has now been slashed to $59.95.

In-ear headphones are sold in black and pink.

Amazon offers free shipping and returns for all products.


JBL is known for producing quality headphones at an affordable price. The Wireless Earbuds from JBL are no different.

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In-ear buds with crisp, clear audio and ear tips that fit your ears perfectly are included.

Battery life can be up to 30 hours and the wearer gets a recharge in just 15 minutes.

Amazon noted that “the power of Dual Connect allows you to enjoy music and make calls seamlessly with one or both headphones.”


Amazon customers gave the earbuds a rating of an average 4.3 stars out of 5.

The article I read about them was on sale, so I bought one. It’s the first time I have not been disappointed with earbuds,” one reviewer said.

“The sound quality is amazing and no one ever says they can’t hear me etc so I know it’s a good microphone,” they added.

Second persona: “Sound is awesome, Bass is heavy, Highs are flexible, Price is great, Sound quality wow all over.”

Third person said: “I absolutely love JBL products and think they are worth the price for everything you need to consider, including durability, sound quality. longevity, ease of use, etc. etc.”

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